Village of Port Washington North, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Port Washington North 6-7-2011 by L.L. No. 4-2011. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Property maintenance — See Ch. 128.
Solid waste — See Ch. 140.
Stormwater management and erosion and sediment control — See Ch. 142.
Topsoil removal and other excavations — See Ch. 151.
As used in this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
Any person (except an individual under the age of 16) who engages for hire in the tending, cultivation, maintaining, fertilization, seeding, planting, managing, trimming, pruning, treating or laying out of grass, lawns, gardens, flower beds, shrubbery, trees, foliage or landscaping of every nature and description on private property. The term "gardener" shall include persons engaged in the business of landscaping and tree servicing. The term "gardener" shall not include a person who owns or resides upon the property where such activity is being conducted, or an employee of such person.
Any individual, firm, partnership, corporation or legal entity.
Any real property, improved or unimproved, owned by any person or business or corporation which is not included in the definitions for "public highway" or "public place" in this section.
Any property owned by the Village of Port Washington North and/or available to or opens to use by all or a majority of the residents of the Village of Port Washington North.
Every device in which a person or property is or may be transported upon on a public or private highway.
No person shall engage in the business of a landscaper and/or gardener in the Village of Port Washington North without first being licensed in accordance with this chapter.
This chapter shall not require a license for any landscaper and gardener performing work pursuant to certification from the Public Works Department and/or Building Inspector or their designee that such work is necessary to protect public health or safety in the case of an emergency, provided that the person performing such work files with the Village of Port Washington North documentation of insurance as may be required from persons licensed by the Village of Port Washington North to perform such work.
This chapter shall not apply to any landscaper and gardener performing work pursuant to contract with the Village of Port Washington North, or any other governmental agency or public utility company.
Any gardener desiring a license required by this chapter shall make application on forms prescribed by the Village Clerk. The Village Clerk shall have the power to issue the license required by this chapter.
The application for a license to operate or conduct business as a landscaper or gardener in the Village of Port Washington North shall be made, in writing to the Village Clerk and signed by the applicant. The application shall set forth:
The name, address and telephone number of the applicant, and, if applicable, the corporate name, addresses and telephone numbers of the officers and directors of the company; the applicant's place of business. No post office boxes will be accepted as an address.
The license plate number of any vehicle to be used in providing the service.
Permits are for the use of the applicant only. Permits are not transferable.
Each applicant for a license shall pay a nonrefundable filing fee with the application. A license fee shall be paid upon issuance of the license and decal. The fees shall be established by the Village Board of Trustees by resolution pursuant to Chapter 91 of the Port Washington North Village Code. The fees are hereby declared to be for the purpose of defraying the cost of the enforcement of this chapter and not solely for the purpose of revenue.
All licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire on the last day of December in the year of issuance.
Each applicant for a license pursuant to this chapter shall have and maintain during the term of such license all workers' compensation as required by law, liability insurance certificate for each vehicle, a copy of the registration for each vehicle that is used in the Village of Port Washington North for landscaping and gardening and a current Nassau County Department of Consumers Affairs license. The applicant shall provide the Village with a copy of the documentation of each.
No gardener or any employee of a gardener shall perform, or cause, suffer or permit any person to perform, any of the following:
Operate any power or manual lawn mower or any other power equipment Monday through Friday, before 8:30 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. The operating of any power tools and equipment are strictly prohibited on Saturday and Sunday and legal holidays. Landscaping activities that do not involve power tools and equipment are permitted Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place any garbage, refuse, cuttings, leaves, wood or other materials upon any public highway, public place or private property.
Scatter any garbage, refuse, cuttings, leaves or other waste materials from the custody of such person to any public highway, public place or private property.
Cause or permit anyone to blow or rake leaves, grass or other debris onto the public highway or right-of-way or onto adjoining property. As a precondition to the issuance of a license, a landscaper will be required to furnish proof that he, she or it has a permit to deposit leaves, grass clippings and other debris at a duly licensed depository.
Cause or permit anyone to spill or dump oil, gasoline or other petroleum products or any pesticides on the public highway or right-of-way or anywhere on the ground. No equipment shall be filled or refilled except over a drop cloth or other device designed to catch and retain any accidental spillage.
Cause or permit anyone to remove any tree, nor operate any machinery, in violation of law.
Perform any work in violation of any applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Every applicant for a license shall review the applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations and shall affirm in the application or renewal application that the applicant and all of its employees are familiar with such.
Violate any other rule or regulation adopted by resolution of the Board of Trustees, as it may deem necessary to further the purposes of this chapter.
The use of dumpsters shall only be permitted when stored on the property for which they are being used and shall comply with Chapter 140, Article II, §§ 140-13 to 140-18 of the Village of Port Washington North Village Code.
Any person committing an offense against any provision of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be guilty of a violation and shall be punished by a fine up to a maximum of $1,000 or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Each day on which any violation of this chapter occurs shall constitute a separate and distinct offense hereunder.
In addition to the penalties otherwise provided by law, the Board of Trustees may revoke or suspend any license issued pursuant to this chapter after notice to the licensee and a reasonable opportunity for the licensee to be heard. The Board of Trustees may take such action if, in its discretion, such action is warranted due to the licensee's deliberate or willful disregard of the standards imposed by this chapter or by any other Village, county, state or federal law, or due to two or more violations of this chapter or any other law occurring within a period of 60 days.
Each vehicle used for landscaping functions in the Village shall be registered with the Village, and shall prominently display a decal provided by the Village on each vehicle that is being used in the Village of Port Washington North for landscaping and gardening.
This chapter shall take effect on January 1, 2012, and filing with the Secretary of State.