Township of Richland, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 139, 2/20/1979, § 1; as amended by Ord. 163, 1/5/1981; by Ord. 204, 8/21/1984; by Ord. 248, 12/21/1988; by Ord. 261, 12/20/1989; by Ord. 279, 12/18/1991; by Ord. 296, 2/3/1993; by Ord. 308, 4/6/1994; by Ord. 321, 12/6/1995; by Ord. 354, 12/16/1999, §§ 1, 2; and by Ord. 411, 12/21/2005]
Ready-To-Serve Charge. A quarterly base charge, known as the "ready-to-serve" charge (hereinafter "RTS fee"), is imposed upon each residential, commercial and industrial EDU in the amount of $66. The RTS fee will be the base amount due for each premises connected or approved to be connected to the sewer system and where a water supply is available. The RTS fee is to defray debt service and administrative expenses incurred in maintaining the system so that it remains ready and able to accept and dispose of sewage from all premises served and is imposed regardless of whether water is used and even when a home or other structure is vacant, unoccupied and/or when water has been shut off.
[Amended by Ord. 489, 12/21/2016]
Consumption Charges; Additional Charges.
[Amended by Ord. 458, 6/20/2012; by Ord. 463, 2/20/2013; by Ord. 489, 12/21/2016; and by Ord. 499, 1/16/2019]
A consumption charge for the cost of operations and treatment is imposed upon all users in the amount of $4.23 for each 1,000 gallons of water or part thereof which is consumed, up to 15,000 gallons per quarter, with a minimum consumption charge of $25.38 per quarter for up to 6,000 gallons of water consumption per quarter. The consumption charge imposed upon all users shall increase to $4.45 for each 1,000 gallons or part thereof over the first 15,000 gallons consumed per quarter.
For users in the Willow Run and Crouse Run Watersheds generating sewage treated by Hampton Township, an additional monthly capital improvements service charge is imposed. Such charges, upon collection, are remitted directly to Hampton Township. The Richland Township Board of Supervisors may change this fee by resolution upon receipt from Hampton Township of notice of the implementation of any changes approved by the Hampton Township Board of Supervisors to the capital improvement charge. The monthly capital improvements service charge shall be as follows:
For 2019, the capital improvements service charge shall be set at $10.50 per month;
For 2020, the capital improvements service charge shall be set at $18 per month;
For 2021, the capital improvements service charge shall be set at $25.50 per month;
For 2022, the capital improvements service charge shall be set at $33 per month.
For users generating sewage treated by the Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage Authority, an additional capital improvements fee is imposed. The capital improvements fee is imposed to defray debt services and other expenses that the Township will incur to have sewage conveyed to and treated by the AVJSA and to maintain and improve its sewer system, and to defray the expense of any related sewer work. The Richland Township Board of Supervisors may change this fee by resolution. The capital improvements fee shall be as follows:
For 2019, the capital improvements fee shall be set at $6 per month per EDU;
For 2020, the capital improvements fee shall be set at $12 per month per EDU.
Sewer Reimbursement Charge.
For users within Phases III, IV and V of the Parkview Estates Plan, a sewer reimbursement charge of $5 per quarter is imposed to cover anticipated or actual costs of maintenance, reconstruction, replacement or repair of the 600-lineal-foot sanitary sewer line, which was installed by boring, to a depth of 62 feet, in order to provide sanitary sewer service to property owners within these phases of the plan. The surcharge shall also be imposed on any future users located outside of the plan who generate sewerage transported through said sewer line.
The sewer reimbursement charge may be adjusted from time to time by the Township by resolution passed at a Board of Supervisors public meeting setting such charges at the minimum level that may be determined in the reasonable judgment of the Township Engineer to create funds sufficient to pay for the anticipated or actual costs incurred for the maintenance, replacement, reconstruction or repair of the sewer as estimated by the Township Engineer.
It is the intent of the Board of Supervisors that billing be done so as to result in a uniform application of the rates and charges imposed by this section, regardless of whether the user is billed monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or by some other method approved by the Township.
A residential equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) shall be defined as any room, group of rooms or enclosure, occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters for a family or other group of persons living together or by persons living alone.
An equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) with respect to commercial or industrial customers shall be defined as each 15,000 gallons of water or less consumed per quarter-year by any hotel, motel, office, store, shop, restaurant, club, tavern, barber or beauty shop, service station, funeral home or other commercial or industrial establishment selling or producing a product or rendering a service, or any religious, fraternal or governmental establishment including schools. Said users shall pay the established debt service and administration charge quarterly, as established by this Part for each 15,000 gallons or less of water consumed per quarter-year.
Each commercial or industrial EDU, even though in a building or complex of buildings, shall be considered to be a separate EDU even though it may be located in the same building with a residential unit or units or commercial or industrial unit or units.
Each commercial or industrial user shall be so classified as a commercial or industrial user on the basis of use and not on the basis of location within any particular zoning district within the Township.
In the event any bill for sanitary sewer service imposed and billed under the terms of this Part is unpaid 30 days from the date of its issuance, there will be a penalty charge of 10% per month added thereto with a minimum penalty charge of $2.50 per month.
[Ord. 139, 2/20/1979, § 3; as amended by Ord. 489, 12/21/2016]
In those instances where the occupier of a single-family residence dwelling plans to be away from the residence for a period of time in excess of 30 days, leaving the residence vacant, the occupier shall not be subject to a minimum consumption charge stated in § 18-301, Subsection 2A. The occupier shall be responsible for payment of the consumption charge stated in § 18-301, Subsection 2A, for each 1,000 gallons of water or part thereof which may be actually consumed during the period of vacancy. In all cases, however, even though a reduced charge for vacant residency may be applied, the RTS fee will not be reduced and will apply and accrue fully at all times.
[Ord. 139, 2/20/1979, § 4; as amended by Ord. 326, 11/20/1996]
The owners of all business establishments (including apartments and mobile home courts) served by the Township sanitary sewer system shall be responsible for the sanitary sewer bill for the entire business establishment or each part, apartment or mobile home court whether metered by one or any number of meters. The Township may bill each tenant or occupier of any part of the premises separately, but the owner shall remain liable for payment of all billings in the event the tenant or occupier fails to pay same for any reason whatsoever, inclusive of such tenant's or occupier's bankruptcy.
[Ord. 139, 2/20/1979, § 5; as amended by Ord. 166, 4/21/1981; and by Ord. 222, 5/21/1986, § 75]
In the event any bill for sanitary sewer service is overdue or delinquent for a period of more than 30 days, there will be a penalty charge of 10% added thereto, with a minimum penalty of $2.50 and there shall be charged thereafter from said date of penalty interest at the rate of 10% on such outstanding balance. The above rates for penalty and interest shall be increased automatically upon subsequent Acts of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania providing for same.
[Ord. 139, 2/20/1979, § 6]
The charges established above shall constitute a lien against the owner of the property connected to sanitary sewers of the Township until paid. Any such lien may be filed by the Township Solicitor in the office of the Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The lien shall include all delinquent charges, together with accrued penalties as set forth in § 18-305 of this Part and shall also include an additional 5% penalty for collection and shall, after being filed in the Prothonotary's office, bear interest at the maximum legal rate established by State law.