City of Knob Noster, MO
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2012 §620.010]
Any person engaged in the business of lending money on the security of pledged goods or engaged in the business of purchasing tangible personal property on condition that it may be redeemed or repurchased by the seller for a fixed price within a fixed period of time.
[R.O. 2012 §620.020]
At the time of making any secured personal credit loan, the lender shall execute and deliver to the borrower a receipt for and describing the tangible personal property subjected to the security interest to secure the payment of the loan. The receipt shall contain the following:
The name and address of the pawnshop;
The name and address of the pledgor, the pledgor's description, and the driver's license number, military identification number, identification certificate number, or other official number capable of identifying the pledgor;
The date of the transaction;
An identification and description of the pledged goods, including serial numbers if reasonably available;
The amount of cash advanced or credit extended to the pledgor;
The amount of the pawn service charge;
The total amount which must be paid to redeem the pledged goods on the maturity date;
The maturity date of the pawn transaction; and
A statement to the effect that the pledgor is not obligated to redeem the pledged goods, and that the pledged goods may be forfeited to the pawnbroker sixty (60) days after the specified maturity date.
The pawnbroker shall furnish Law Enforcement authorities with copies of information contained in Subparagraphs (1) to (4) of Subsection (A) of this Section and information contained in Subdivision (6) of Subsection (4) of Section 367.040, RSMo. The pawnbroker may satisfy such requirements by transmitting such information electronically to a database in accordance with Section 367.031, RSMo., except that paper copies shall be made available for an on-site inspection upon request of any appropriate Law Enforcement authority.
If the pawn ticket is lost, destroyed, or stolen, the pledgor may so notify the pawnbroker in writing, and receipt of such notice shall invalidate such pawn ticket, if the pledged goods have not previously been redeemed. Before delivering the pledged goods or issuing a new pawn ticket, the pawnbroker shall require the pledgor to make a written affidavit of the loss, destruction or theft of the ticket. The pawnbroker shall record on the written statement the identifying information required, the date the statement is given, and the number of the pawn ticket lost, destroyed, or stolen. The affidavit shall be signed by a notary public appointed by the Secretary of State pursuant to Section 486.205, RSMo., to perform notarial acts in this State.
[R.O. 2012 §620.030; Ord. No. 491 §5, 3-19-1991]
No pawnbroker shall accept any personal property from an individual under eighteen (18) years of age. No pawnbroker shall be open for business or accept any items of personal property from any person after 9:00 P.M. and before 7:00 A.M.
[R.O. 2012 §620.040; Ord. No. 491 §6, 3-19-1991]
No pawnbroker or his/her family shall be permitted to live in his/her pawnshop or in rooms connected therewith.
[R.O. 2012 §620.050; Ord. No. 491 §7, 3-19-1991]
No pawnbroker shall accept as collateral security, or purchase, any property or item which at the time it was manufactured had a serial number or identification number affixed to it, unless such item shall have plainly visible thereon, the manufacturer's serial number or identification number.