City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
We, the people of the City, in order to secure the benefits and advantages of the provisions of the Missouri Constitution pertaining to home rule, do hereby adopt the following Charter for the government of our City.
Throughout this Charter, the general use of the masculine pronoun is intended and to be understood to apply to either sex.
Attachment 1 - Appendix - Ward Boundaries
Article I Incorporation—Form of Government—Powers—Wards

Section 1 Incorporation.

Section 2 Form of Government.

Section 3 Powers of the City.

Section 4 Wards.

Article II The Council

Section 1 Composition and Term.

Section 2 Mayor.

Section 3 Qualifications.

Section 4 Vacancies.

Section 5 Compensation.

Section 6 Rules of Order.

Section 7 Meetings.

Section 8 Legislative Proceedings.

Section 9 Codification of ordinances.

Section 10 Prohibition of Interference.

Section 11 Powers.

Section 12 City Clerk.

Article III The City Manager

Section 1 Appointment and removal.

Section 2 Qualifications and Term of Office.

Section 3 Compensation.

Section 4 Powers and Duties.

Article IV Municipal Court

Section 1 Jurisdiction.

Section 2 Municipal Judge.

Section 3 Marshal.

Article V Administrative Service

Section 1 Departments, Boards and Commissions.

Section 2 Powers and Duties.

Section 3 Directors of Departments.

Section 4 Political Activity.

Section 5 Fiscal Year.

Section 6 Budget.

Section 7 Tax Rates.

Section 8 Audit.

Section 9 Bonds.

Section 10 Compensation Commission.

Article VI City Attorney

Section 1 Qualifications.

Section 2 Duties.

Section 3 Assistant City Attorney and Special Counsel.

Article VII Department of Personnel

Section 1 Composition.

Section 2 Appointment.

Section 3 Powers and Duties of the Personnel Director.

Section 4 Powers and Duties of Civil Service Board.

Section 5 Classification of Employees.

Section 6 Employees—Appeal.

Section 7 Prohibitions.

Article VIII Planning and Zoning

Section 1 City Plan Commission.

Section 2 Powers and Duties.

Section 3 Zoning.

Section 4 Public Hearing.

Section 5 Subdivision Plats.

Section 6 Board of Adjustment.

Article IX Public Improvements

Section 1 Power.

Section 2 Institution of Proceedings.

Section 3 Public Hearings.

Section 4 Authorization of Improvement.

Section 5 Protests.

Section 6 Plans and Specifications.

Section 7 Bids.

Section 8 Method of Payment.

Section 9 Special Tax Bills.

Section 10 Property Subject to Special Assessment.

Section 11 Reassessments.

Section 12 Apportionment of Costs.

Section 13 Additional Provisions.

Section 14 Revolving Public Improvement Fund.

Article X Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Section 1 Initiative.

Section 2 Referendum.

Section 3 Recall.

Section 4 Petitions.

Section 5 Filing and Certification of Petitions.

Section 6 Amended Petition.

Section 7 Effect of an Initiative Petition.

Section 8 Effect of a Referendum Petition.

Section 9 Voting.

Section 10 Effect of Vote.

Section 11 Recall Election.

Section 12 Recall Ballot.

Section 13 Effect of Election.

Section 14 Conduct of Initiative, Referendum and Recall Elections.

Article XI Nominations and Elections

Section 1 Time of Elections.

Section 2 Regulation of Elections.

Section 3 Election Commissioner.

Section 4 Nominations.

Section 5 Ballots.

Section 6 Canvass of Returns and Results.

Article XII General Provisions

Section 1 Judicial Notice of Charter.

Section 2 Proof of Ordinance.

Section 3 Existing Ordinances.

Section 4 Pending Actions and Proceedings.

Section 5 Continuance of Contracts—Public Improvements—Taxes.

Section 6 Personal Interest.

Section 7 Transfer of Records and Property.

Section 8 Oath of Office.

Section 9 Power to Administer Oath.

Section 10 Notice of Suits.

Section 11 Judicial Bonds.

Section 12 Official Bonds.

Section 13 Inspection and Preservation of Records.

Section 14 Constitutionality Provision.

Section 15 Amendment of the Charter.