City of Branson West, MO
Stone County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 705.010 Unlawful Use of Water.

Section 705.020 Material For Water Lines.

Section 705.030 Depth of Water Lines.

Section 705.040 through Section 705.140. (Reserved)

Article II Service Charges

Section 705.150 Security For Payment of Water Bill.

Section 705.160 Refund On Security Deposit.

Section 705.170 Water Service Connection Fee.

Section 705.180 Water Rates Inside City Limits.

Section 705.190 Water Rates Outside The City Limits.

Section 705.200 Date Payable.

Section 705.210 Interest Added When Delinquent.

Section 705.220 Termination of Services — Notice.

Section 705.230 Renewal of Service.

Section 705.240 Discontinuance of Water Service.

Section 705.250 through Section 705.320. (Reserved)

Article III Water Meters

Section 705.330 Property of Department.

Section 705.340 Persons With Authority To Install.

Section 705.350 Location.

Section 705.360 Multiple Unit Users.

Section 705.370 Test For Inaccuracy.

Section 705.380 Repairs.

Section 705.390 Tampering.

Section 705.400 through Section 705.450. (Reserved)

Article IV Water Emergency Proclamation

Section 705.460 Issuance.

Section 705.470 Notice.

Section 705.480 Effective Dates.

Section 705.490 Enforcement.

Section 705.500 Violations.

Section 705.510 through Section 705.560. (Reserved)

Article V Lead Ban Policy

Section 705.570 Lead Ban Policy.

Article VI Cross-Connection Control

Section 705.580 Cross-Connection Control — General Policy.

Section 705.590 Definitions.

Section 705.600 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 705.610 Survey and Investigations.

Section 705.620 Type of Protection Required.

Section 705.630 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 705.640 Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 705.650 Installation.

Section 705.660 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 705.670 Violations.