City of Town And Country, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Definitions

Section 620.010 Definitions.

Section 620.020 Certain Types of Vehicles Exempt.

Article II Certificate of Convenience and Necessity

Section 620.030 Certificate of Convenience and Necessity Required — Application.

Section 620.040 Certificate of Convenience and Necessity — Hearing.

Section 620.050 Certificate of Convenience and Necessity — Issuance — Factors.

Section 620.060 Certificate of Convenience and Necessity — Not Transferable.

Section 620.070 Discontinuing Service.

Section 620.080 Amendment of Certificate — Reserve Vehicle — Fee.

Section 620.090 Revocation — Hearing.

Section 620.100 Insurance Required.

Article III Vehicle License Requirements

Section 620.110 Vehicle License Requirements.

Section 620.120 Application For Vehicle License.

Section 620.130 Denial of Vehicle License.

Section 620.140 Inspection of Vehicles For Hire.

Section 620.150 Vehicle For Hire License Fees — Term.

Section 620.160 Vehicle Licenses — Term, Expiration and Renewal.

Article IV Driver's License Requirements

Section 620.170 Driver Licensing — Qualifications — Hearing On Denial of License.

Article V General Operating Requirements

Section 620.180 Lettering and Signs Required — Taximeters — Correct Fares Charged.

Section 620.190 Vehicle For Hire Stands and Parking Spaces — Soliciting.

Section 620.200 Vehicle Appearance.

Section 620.210 Driver Appearance and Conduct.

Section 620.220 Animals in Vehicles For Hire.

Article VI Special Requirements

Section 620.230 Special Requirements For Airport Taxicabs.

Section 620.240 Special Requirements For On-Call Taxicabs.

Section 620.250 Special Requirements For Premium Sedans.

Section 620.260 Special Requirements For Commercial Shuttles.

Article VII Hotel Rules

Section 620.270 Hotel Rules.

Article VIII Enforcement

Section 620.280 Enforcement.

Article IX Amendments — Rules Promulgated By The Director — Surcharges

Section 620.290 Amendments — Rules Promulgated By The Director — Surcharges.

Article X Solicitation Prohibited — Abuse and Force Prohibited

Section 620.300 Solicitation Prohibited — Abuse and Force Prohibited.

Article XI Penalties For Non-Compliance — Suspension or Revocation of License

Section 620.310 Penalties For Non-Compliance.

Section 620.320 Suspension or Revocation of License.

Article XII Means of Appeal

Section 620.330 Application For Appeal.

Section 620.340 Hearing and Decision On Appeal.

Section 620.350 Application For Review of Hearing Officer Decision.

Section 620.360 Court Review.

Section 620.370 Hearing Officers.