City of Coldwater, MI
Branch County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 295, passed 1-26-1971]
A regular City election shall be held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday in November in every odd year. One Councilman shall be elected at each regular City election from each of the four wards of the City. A Mayor shall be elected at each regular City election. The term of the Mayor is set at two years, and each Councilman at four years.
[Ord. No. 295, passed 1-26-1971; amended 3-11-2019 by Ord. No. 819]
A regular City primary election shall be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in August of each odd-numbered year. If valid petitions for no more than two candidates for an office to be filled at the following regular City election have been filed, then no primary election shall be held with respect to such office, and the names of the candidates for such office shall be placed on the ballot for the regular City election.
[Ord. No. 295, passed 1-26-1971; Ord. No. 700, passed 1-23-2006; amended 3-11-2019 by Ord. No. 819]
A person desiring to qualify as a candidate for any elective office shall file with the Clerk an official nominating petition therefor. Official blank nominating petitions, in substantially the same form as required by law or by the Secretary of State for nonpartisan judicial officers, shall be prepared and furnished by the Clerk. Such petition shall be signed by not less than 25, nor more than 100, of the registered electors of the City. Such petitions shall be filed with the Clerk not later than 4:00 p.m. on the 15th Tuesday preceding the primary election date. Before the Clerk shall furnish a form of nominating petition to any person, he or she shall enter thereon with typewriter, or in ink, the name of the candidate and the name of the office for which he or she is to be a candidate. No petition which has been altered with respect to such entries shall be received by the Clerk for filing. Nominating petitions for the purpose of filling a vacancy shall so state in connection with the name of the office for which they are to be used. If any person signs his or her name to a greater number of petitions for any office than there will be persons elected to that office, his or her signature shall be disregarded on all petitions for that office. In the case of petitions nominating persons for the office of Councilman, no name, other than that of a registered elector of the ward in which a person seeks that office, shall be counted on any such petition.
[Ord. No. 295, passed 1-26-1971]
The Mayor and each Councilman elected at the odd-year general City election shall take office on the Monday next following such election.
Pursuant to M.C.L.A. 168.6441; M.S.A. 6.1644(12), this chapter shall take precedence over and supersede Chapter 11 of the City Charter.