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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC §220.010; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
For the purpose of restricting the construction, reconstruction or alteration of buildings as a protection against conflagration, a district to be known as a "fire limits" is established as follows:
Beginning at the intersection of North Third Street and West Avenue; thence along North Third Street east to Oak Street; thence along Oak Street south to West First Street; thence west along West First Street to West Avenue; thence along West Avenue to the place of beginning.
[CC §220.020; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
Whenever the Fire Inspector of the Fire Department may find combustible or explosive matter or dangerous accumulation of rubbish or unnecessary accumulation of waste paper, boxes, shavings or any other highly flammable materials especially liable to cause fire and which is so situated as to endanger property, or shall find obstructions to or on fire escapes, stairs, passageways, doors or windows liable to interfere with the operations of the Fire Department or egress of occupants in case of fire, the Inspector shall order the same to be removed or remedied. Such order shall be complied with within forty-eight (48) hours by the owner or occupants of such premises or building.
Cross Reference — See Title V For other fire hazards and restrictions.
[CC §220.030; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
The burning of trash, lumber, leaves or other combustible material where deemed a hazard by the Chief of the Fire Department is prohibited except under such safeguards as the Chief may specify.
[CC §220.040; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
Ashes, smoldering coals or embers, greasy or oily substances liable to spontaneous ignition shall not be deposited or allowed to remain within ten (10) feet of any combustible material except in metal or other non-combustible receptacle.
[CC §220.050; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
No person shall permit to remain upon any roof or in any yard any accumulation of wastepaper, hay, grass, straw, weeds, litter, or combustible or flammable waste or rubbish of any kind. All such materials in stores, apartment buildings, factories or similar places shall be compactly bailed and stacked, removed from the premises or stored in suitable vaults or receptacles to the satisfaction of the Chief of the Fire Department.
[CC §220.060; Ord. No. 26, 10-8-1959]
Cotton, batting, straw, dry vines, leaves, trees, celluloid or other highly flammable material shall not be used for decorative purposes in stores or show windows except where deemed satisfactory by the Chief of the Fire Department. Paper and other readily flammable materials shall not be used for decorative purposes in any place of public assembly unless such materials shall have been flameproofed to the satisfaction of the Chief.
Cross Reference — For other fire hazards and restrictions see Title V.