City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §240.010; Code 1968 §8-1; CC 1988 §8-1]
The area of First Street lying between the ordinary low watermark and the right-of-way of the Louisiana and Missouri River Railroad and between the point of intersection with the river bank of the centerline of Maryland Street on the south and the intersection of the centerline of Mansion Street with the river bank is declared a public wharf and within the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the City.
[R.O. 2008 §240.020; Code 1968 §8-2; CC 1988 §8-2]
Bench marks shall be established of suitable permanent materials ranging south from the south corner of the water intake structure and north from the north corner of the water intake structure at intervals of one hundred (100) feet. Dock spaces shall be designated by either an S or an N indicating direction, a figure representing the number of feet distant from the water intake structure at which the space starts and, following a decimal point, another figure representing the width in feet of the dock space involved. For example, N245.18 would designate a dock space beginning two hundred forty-five (245) feet north of the water intake and eighteen (18) feet in width.
[R.O. 2008 §240.030; Code 1968 §8-3; CC 1988 §8-3]
The Chief of Police is hereby declared to be ex officio wharfmaster and is charged with the duty of enforcing the regulations provided in this Chapter, of establishing the bench marks required in this Chapter and of making any necessary surveys.
[R.O. 2008 §240.040; Code 1968 §8-4; CC 1988 §8-4]
No person shall place a dock within or along the public wharf unless he/she has obtained a dock permit.
[R.O. 2008 §240.050; Code 1968 §8-5; CC 1988 §8-5]
Each application for a dock permit shall be made to the City Clerk. Such application shall designate the area in which dock space is desired.
[R.O. 2008 §240.060; Code 1968 §8-6; CC 1988 §8-6]
Each application for a dock permit shall be accompanied by a fee of such amount as established by the City Council from time to time for each foot of width in dock space called for by the permit.
[R.O. 2008 §240.070; Code 1968 §8-8; CC 1988 §8-7; Ord. No. 01-2007 §1, 2-12-2007]
No person shall be entitled to issuance of more than one (1) dock permit without permission from the City Council. No permit shall be issued to any person who does not have a State boat registration number, if required by the State of Missouri.
[R.O. 2008 §240.080; Code 1968 §8-7; CC 1988 §8-8]
Each dock permit shall expire on January first (1st) next following the date of issuance unless terminated sooner as provided in this Chapter. The permit shall be renewable upon application to the City Clerk accompanied by the proper fee.
[R.O. 2008 §240.090; Code 1968 §8-9; CC 1988 §8-9]
Permits issued under this Chapter shall not be transferable. Permits shall be cancelable by resolution of the City Council and, unless cancelled, shall be renewable.
[R.O. 2008 §240.100; Code 1968 §8-11; CC 1988 §8-10]
Any person who shall occupy docking space within or along the public wharf without first having obtained a permit therefor as provided in this Chapter or who shall continue to so occupy docking space after the expiration of such permit shall, upon conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
[R.O. 2008 §240.110; Code 1968 §8-10; CC 1988 §8-11]
Any person occupying dock space within or along the public wharf shall maintain such dock in a safe condition and keep it well painted, in good repair and free from clutter. Such dock shall be subject to inspection by the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the City Council. Upon the determination that a dock does not meet the maintenance standards specified in this Section, the holder of the permit shall be notified of the deficiency and shall be given two (2) weeks to correct it. Failure to correct the deficiency within the two (2) week period shall constitute a violation of this Section. Each offense under this Section shall subject the offender to the punishment provided by Section 100.170. Upon conviction for non-compliance with the dock maintenance standards provided in this Section, the City Council may, in its discretion, cancel the dock permit of the offender.