City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 12-2020, 9-28-2020[1]]
As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Gross receipts during the calendar year preceding each license year.
An individual or a corporation, firm, partnership, joint venture, association, organization or entity of any kind, including any shareholder, owner, officer, partnership, joint venturer, association, organization or any related person or entity or any other person holding an ownership interest in such entity requesting any City permit, license, franchise or other approval. "Related person or entity" shall mean, for purposes of this Chapter, the following: (a) A firm, partnership, joint venture, association, organization or entity of any kind in which the applicant holds any stock, title, or other ownership interest of at least twenty percent (20%); (b) a firm, partnership, joint venture, association, organization, or entity of any kind which holds any stock, title, or other ownership interest in the applicant of at least twenty percent (20%); and (c) an individual, firm, partnership, joint venture, association, organization or entity of any kind, whose affairs the applicant has the legal or practical ability to direct, either directly or indirectly, whether by contractual agreement, majority ownership interest, any lessor ownership interest, familial relationship or any other manner.
Any person, corporation, partnership or lessee thereof engaged in any business, occupation, pursuit, profession or trade, including all those listed in Section 94.110, RSMo., and including the business of operating a shopping center or in the keeping or maintaining of any institution, establishment, articles, utility or commodities specified in this Chapter or in any ordinance of the City, within the City; except as may be otherwise provided herein.
That sum of lawful money of the United States of America required to be paid to the City by any merchant, business or occupation for a license before commencing business as such or continuing business.
The aggregate amount of all revenue, sales, transactions, fees, commissions, rental and leasing fees, including the receipt of cash, credits and property of any kind or nature without any deductions therefrom.
Any business, occupation, profession, trade or service allowed by Section 405.150 that is conducted entirely within or from a residential dwelling, solely by the owner of record as recorded in the office of the County Recorder or members of the immediate household thereof who legally reside therein, for which a business license can be lawfully obtained and which home occupation use is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the residential dwelling or dwelling purposes; and which does not change the residential character of the zone and/or district thereof; and for which there is used no sign or display other than a single sign attached flat to the exterior structure, which shall not be larger than one (1) square foot and shall not be illuminated, indicating that the residence is being utilized for any purpose other than for dwelling purposes; and there shall be no commodity sold upon the premises except as provided for by this Chapter and by Chapter 405 of this Code; and for which no person is employed, other than a member of the immediate household legally residing on the premises, for any on-site activity in connection with the home occupation; and no mechanical equipment is used except such as is permissible for purely domestic household purposes or hobbies.
A period of twelve (12) calendar months beginning on the first (1st) day of March in each year, or in the case of those businesses established subsequent to the first (1st) day of March, at the commencement of doing business, and ending on the last day of February of the following.
Any person, corporation, partnership or lessee thereof who deals in the selling, at wholesale or retail, of any goods, wares, merchandise or personal property of any description or the rendering of any service in connection therewith, at any store, stand or place within the City, except as is or may be otherwise provided by ordinance.
Editor's Note: Former Chapter 605, Licenses And Miscellaneous Business Regulations, containing Sections 605.010 through 605.130, was repealed 9-28-2020. Ord. No. 12-2020 also changed the title of this Chapter to "Business And Occupation Licenses And Business Regulations."