City of Edmundson, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 2001 §635.010; CC 1985 §9.44]
The City of Edmundson may authorize a franchise for the operation of a taxicab or taxicabs to any individuals, associations or corporation authorized to do business in the State of Missouri, however, said franchises shall not exceed two (2) in number.
[CC 2001 §635.020; CC 1985 §9.45]
Upon application to the City Clerk, any individual, group of individuals, association or corporation authorized to do business within the State of Missouri, the Board of Aldermen may authorize the said City Clerk to issue a franchise to said individuals, individual, association or corporation, which franchise shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance and each franchise holder shall be required to obtain a new, valid franchise each year.
[CC 2001 §635.030; CC 1985 §9.46]
The Board of Aldermen shall have sole discretion in determining who shall have their franchise or franchises and in determining who shall have the franchise, the Board of Aldermen shall take into consideration the moral background of the applicant, the past experience, if any, of the applicant, and by this is meant the complying with all the laws and ordinances of the City of Edmundson, the general giving of service to the population in the City of Edmundson, the appearance of the taxicabs within the City and the general safety of the vehicles so used as taxicabs within the City of Edmundson.
[CC 2001 §635.040; CC 1985 §9.47]
Each franchise holder shall be subject to having his/her, their, or its franchise removed in the event the vehicle so operated by the taxicab company is allowed to become unsightly, or the mechanical condition of the taxicabs, or one (1) or more of them, shall be permitted to be such that upon investigation by a duly authorized mechanic shall be deemed to be unsafe or the holder of the franchise or his/her agents, servants or employees shall violate the ordinances of the City of Edmundson to a degree that the appearance in Municipal Court of the franchise holder or his/her drivers shall be habitual or frequent or not a normal number of appearances that would be expected from the average motorist, taking into consideration, the number of hours that the taxicabs are operated on the streets of the City of Edmundson and elsewhere.
[CC 2001 §635.050; CC 1985 §9.48]
Each franchise holder shall cause to be taken out a policy of insurance in the amount of five thousand dollars/ten thousand dollars/five thousand dollars ($5,000.00 — $10,000.00 — $5,000.00) on each of the taxicabs which it is operating or shall be required to deposit cash money with the City of Edmundson in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for each taxicab operated and should the said cash not be deposited or the insurance be permitted to expire or be canceled, then the franchise holder shall not permit his/her, their or its taxicabs to be operated until this portion of the Chapter has been complied with.
[CC 2001 §635.060; CC 1985 §9.49]
The franchise holder shall record with the City Clerk the color scheme of the taxicabs which he/she operates and shall at all times keep the said taxicabs clean inwardly and shall not operate taxicabs that are mechanically unsafe and in a generally wrecked condition.
[CC 2001 §635.070; CC 1985 §9.50]
Each franchise holder shall operate his/her or its taxicabs in a businesslike manner and in the event the Board of Aldermen shall determine that the taxicabs are not operating properly, frequently or that there are two (2) or three (3) days at a time when no taxicabs are operating, then the Board of Aldermen may, at its discretion, for this reason as well as for the other reasons herein mentioned, terminate and cancel the franchise so held by the franchise holder so violating the provisions of this Chapter.
[CC 2001 §635.080; CC 1985 §9.52]
At the time application is made to the City Clerk for a franchise, the applicant shall deposit with the City Clerk the sum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) which shall be the franchise fee for one (1) year, and in the event the franchise shall be refused, then the one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) shall be refunded and in the event the franchise is granted, then the City of Edmundson shall convert to the general revenue fund the said one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) as a franchise fee and in addition to the said franchise fee each franchise holder shall have for each of the taxicabs it operates in the City of Edmundson a taxicab license which shall be provided by the City of Edmundson. The franchise holder shall pay ten dollars ($10.00) for each license so held, and each taxicab is required to have a City sticker. Such sticker and license are not required to be affixed to the windshield of the vehicles, but in no event shall the number of vehicles operating in the City be in excess of the number of licenses or stickers purchased by the franchise holder.
[CC 2001 §635.090; CC 1985 §9.53]
All persons, associations or corporations or any of their agents, servants or employees violating any of the provisions of this Chapter shall be deemed guilty of an offense.