City of St. Peters, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Title, Application and Purpose

Section 405.010 Title.

Section 405.020 Application.

Section 405.030 Purpose.

Section 405.040 Exemption.

Article II District Boundaries and Maps

Section 405.050 Purpose.

Section 405.060 Zones.

Section 405.070 Zoning District Map.

Section 405.080 Rules For Interpretation of District Boundaries.

Article III Compliance With Regulations

Section 405.090 Compliance.

Article IV Definitions

Section 405.100 Definitions and Rules of Construction.

Article V District Regulations

Section 405.110 "A-1" Agricultural District.

Section 405.120 "P-1" Public Park Ground District.

Section 405.130 "R-1" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.140 "R-1(A)" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.150 "R-2" Two-Family Residential District.

Section 405.160 "R-3(A)" and "R-3(B)" Multiple-Family Residential District.

Section 405.170 "R-M" Mobile/Modular Home Residential District.

Section 405.180 "S-D" Special Old Town Overlay District.

Section 405.190 "C-1" Neighborhood Commercial District.

Section 405.200 "C-2" Community Commercial District.

Section 405.210 "C-3" General Commercial District.

Section 405.220 "C-4" Regional Shopping Center District.

Section 405.225 "CPD" Commercial Planned District.

Section 405.230 "I-1" Light Industrial District.

Section 405.240 "I-2" Heavy Industrial District.

Section 405.250 "PUD" Planned Urban Development.

Section 405.260 St. Peters Centre Special District.

Section 405.265 St. Peters Lakeside 370 Special District.

Article VI Supplementary Regulations

Section 405.270 Accessory Buildings or Structures, Alterations and Additions.

Section 405.280 Animals.

Section 405.290 Annexation of New Territories.

Section 405.300 Building Structures For Temporary or Emergency Use.

Section 405.310 Building, Maximum Height and Exceptions.

Section 405.320 Building, One Principal or Main Building Per Lot.

Section 405.330 Building Grades.

Section 405.340 Corner Visibility.

Section 405.350 Child Care Facilities — Licensing Process.

Section 405.355 Regulations For Group Home Providers.

Section 405.360 Fence Requirements.

Section 405.370 Floodplain Areas.

Section 405.380 Home Occupations.

Section 405.385 Garage Sales.

Section 405.390 Landscaping and Screening.

Section 405.395 Exterior Waste Container Enclosure Requirements.

Section 405.400 Lot, Corner and Through.

Section 405.405 Compliance With Chapter 535, Tree and Landscape Chapter.

Section 405.410 Lot Consolidation.

Section 405.420 Non-Conforming Use.

Section 405.430 Park and Open Space Requirements For All Zoning Districts.

Section 405.440 Right-Of-Way — Street or Highway, Structures Prohibited.

Section 405.450 Sidewalks and Bicycle Paths.

Section 405.460 Site Plan Review.

Section 405.470 Street Naming (New Street).

Section 405.480 Street Name Change (Existing Street).

Section 405.490 Street Vacation.

Section 405.500 Hunting of Wildlife Within City.

Section 405.510 Yard and Court Encroachments.

Section 405.515 Exterior Treatment of Exposed Foundations.

Section 405.520 Vehicle Repair or Dismantling.

Section 405.525 Wireless Communications Services.

Section 405.526 Special Use Permits for New Wireless Support Structures or Substantial Modification of Wireless Support Structure.

Section 405.527 Wireless Facilities Permit.

Section 405.528 Variance for Wireless Support Structures or Wireless Facilities.

Section 405.530 Adult Sexually Oriented Businesses.

Section 405.535 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Section 405.536 Renewable Energy.

Article VII Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 405.540 Purpose.

Section 405.545 General Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations — Scope.

Section 405.550 Off-Street Parking.

Section 405.555 Schedule of Off-Street Parking Requirements.

Section 405.560 General Off-Street Parking Interpretations.

Section 405.565 Off-Street Loading.

Article VIII Subdivision Regulations

Section 405.570 General Provisions — Compliance With Regulations.

Section 405.575 Preliminary Plat or Site Plan.

Section 405.580 Improvement Plans.

Section 405.585 Public Improvements Installed or Guaranteed.

Section 405.590 Permits Required.

Section 405.593 Excavation Near Pipelines.

Section 405.595 Final Plat Requirements.

Section 405.600 Design Standards — Comprehensive Plan — Compliance.

Section 405.605 Street and Block Layout.

Section 405.610 Street Standards.

Section 405.615 Utility Easements.

Section 405.620 Lot Dimensions, Shapes and Position.

Section 405.625 Street Construction.

Section 405.630 Water Supply.

Section 405.635 Stormwater Management.

Section 405.640 Sanitary Sewerage.

Section 405.645 Occupancy Permits.

Section 405.650 Modifications and Exceptions.

Section 405.655 Dwelling Unit Display and Condominium Plat Procedure.

Section 405.660 Boundary Adjustment.

Section 405.665 Inspection.

Section 405.670 Completion of Construction.

Section 405.675 Record Drawings (As-Built Drawings).

Section 405.680 Maintenance and Supervision.

Section 405.685 Street Signage, Street Naming and Street Addresses.

Section 405.690 Electric, Telephone and Cablevision Lines.

Section 405.695 Planting (Landscaping).

Section 405.700 Monuments.

Section 405.705 Right-Of-Way — Structures Prohibited.

Article IX Permanent Sign Regulations

Section 405.710 Intent and Purpose.

Section 405.715 Definitions.

Section 405.720 Permit Requirements.

Section 405.725 Unsafe, Obsolete, Unmaintained and Non-Conforming Signs.

Section 405.730 Signs Prohibited.

Section 405.740 Exempt Signs.

Section 405.745 Permanent Sign Regulations By Zoning District.

Section 405.750 Temporary Signs.

Section 405.755 Penalty.

Section 405.760 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 405.765 Billboards (Off-Premises Signs).

Article X Planning Administration

Section 405.770 Planning Administration.

Section 405.775 Amendments and Changes.

Section 405.780 Special Use Permit.

Article XI Board of Adjustment

Section 405.785 Board of Adjustment Created/Appointment.

Section 405.790 Membership.

Section 405.795 Procedure.

Section 405.800 Appeals.

Section 405.805 Appeal or Variance Criteria.

Section 405.810 Appeal To Circuit Court.

Article XII Violations and Penalties

Section 405.815 Violations and Penalties.

Article XIII Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 405.820 Transference of Control of Trusteeship or Other Forms of Subdivision Governance of Residential Subdivisions Required.