City of Fredericksburg, VA
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[Code 1991, §§ 2-91, 2-92(a)]
The term and manner of election of the Mayor shall be as prescribed in the Charter.
The Mayor's duties shall be those set forth in the Charter. In addition, the Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the City Council and he shall be the formal representative of the City. He shall make appointments as specified by law or ordinance. It shall also be the duty of the Mayor to lay before the City Council, from time to time, in writing, such recommendations as he may deem necessary and proper. The Mayor also shall assume those duties which may be assigned to him by the City Council.
The Mayor shall serve as the Director of emergency management.
[Code 1991, § 2-93; Ord. No. 97-24, 5-26-1998]
The Mayor shall be allowed and paid out of the City levy an annual salary of $13,000, payable in equal monthly installments, for his services in attending the meetings of the City Council and in discharging the duties imposed by law upon him.
[Code 1991, § 2-94]
The City Council shall, at its organizational meeting, elect one of its members, other than the Mayor, as Vice Mayor of the City, to act in the place of the Mayor in his absence or incapacity. The Vice Mayor shall be elected for a term of two years, and any vacancy in the office of Vice Mayor shall be filled by a recorded majority vote of the City Council for the unexpired term.
[Code 1991, § 2-95]
Should the person elected Mayor omit or fail from any cause to qualify on or before the date his term of office begins, or, if after the election, he shall die, resign, or be removed from office for any cause, then, and in all such events, the Vice Mayor shall serve out the unexpired term.
Whenever, from any cause, the Mayor shall be unable to perform the duties of office, these duties shall be discharged by the Vice Mayor, who shall, in such cases, exercise all of the powers of the Mayor except the power of voting at City Council meetings on behalf of the Mayor.