City of Fredericksburg, VA
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Editor's Note: Former § 18-1, Grading Plans, derived from the Code of 1991, § 6-1, was repealed 10-8-2013 by Ord. No. 13-16. See now Ch. 72, Unified Development Ordinance.
[Code 1991, § 6-2]
The Director of Building and Development Services shall have the authority to issue a permit for the installation of plumbing and electrical work to a homeowner, provided that the homeowner personally performs such work and the work is limited to the homeowner's principal residence or an accessory building, either new or existing, to the principal residence.
[Code 1991, § 6-3]
Pursuant to the Virginia Condominium Act, Code of Virginia, § 55-79.39 et seq., the declarant of a conversion condominium shall file with the City Manager two copies of the complete application and a copy of the formal notice pursuant to Code of Virginia, § 55-79.94. This filing shall be simultaneous with the filing required by the state real estate board.
The copies of the application and formal notice which are filed with the City Manager shall be available for examination in the office of the City Manager, or such other place as he may designate, during regular business hours. At the time of filing, the declarant shall notify all tenants of the subject dwelling of the filing and of the availability of the application regarding the filing.
[Ord. No. 06-37, 10-24-2006]
On or before January 1 of each year, the owner or managing agent, or a duly authorized representative acting on behalf of the owner or managing agent, shall register with the property maintenance official on forms developed by him, the address of any buildings they own or manage which have been vacant for a continuous period of 12 months or more. Every person filing registration forms shall pay an annual registration fee of $25 to defray the cost of processing the registration. A building is "vacant" if it is not occupied in a manner consistent with the purpose for which it was built or typically occupied. For example, a single-family residence used for storage is "vacant."
[Ord. No. 06-37, 10-24-2006]
Any person who fails to register a vacant building by the January 1 deadline shall be subject to a $50 civil penalty.
[Ord. No. 06-37, 10-24-2006]
At least 30 days prior to the assessment of any civil penalty, the property maintenance official shall mail the owner, or managing agent, or the duly authorized representative acting on behalf of the owner or managing agent, at the address to which property tax notices are sent notice of the failure to comply with the registration requirements of this section.