Town of Durham, CT
Middlesex County
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[Comp. Ords. 1983, pg. 84, 7-26-76, art. III; Ord. of 7-22-96; Ord. of 2-23-09(1)]
No permit to begin work in the Town for new construction, alteration, removal, demolition or other building operation shall be issued until the required building permit fee has been paid. Additional fees, because of increased area, must be paid before amended permits are approved.
The fee for building permit fees shall be $20 per first $1,000 of construction cost and $12 per $1,000 thereafter and $10 software user permitting fee.
[Amended 12-14-2020]
[Comp. Ords. 1983, pg. 87, 11-15-76]
No building permit for a new dwelling, commercial use, industrial use or any other use requiring a potable water supply shall be issued until a sewage system permit has been issued by the health director or his representative and, unless it is possible to connect to an approved public water supply system, a well has been installed in accordance with §§ 19-13-B51a through 19-13-B511 of the State Public Health Code. The well driller's completion report, attesting to the depth, capacity, and yield of the given well, must be filed with the Town's Health Department.
[Ord. of 7-22-96; Ord. of 2-23-09(1)]
Soil testing to determine the suitability of land for subsurface sewage disposal systems shall consist of the following fee schedule: for a new test including site plan and design review, $150; and for a retest for repair of a falling subsurface sewage disposal system, $100.