City of Overland, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Animals and fowl regulated, ch. 215; nuisances, ch. 225.
Editor's Note — As part of the editorial/legal review and conference of September, 2001, sections 230.010 — 230.050 have been removed and left reserved for the future use of the city. Former sections 230.010 — 230.050 derived from Code 1961 §§6-1 — 6-4; CC 1976 §§13-1 — 13-5.
[Code 1961 §6-86; CC 1976 §13-66]
Wherever there exists within the City a sanitary sewer line in a public or private street, or on property adjoining improved property, the owner of such improved property shall be required to connect a sewer for such property to the sanitary sewer line.
[Code 1961 §6-89; CC 1976 §13-69]
The Health Commissioner of the City is hereby authorized and directed to notify all persons, firms or corporations where outside toilets or privies are maintained, to remove them within sixty (60) days after receipt of a notice from said Health Commissioner.
Editor's Note — As part of the editorial/legal review and conference of September, 2001, sections 230.080 — 230.090 have been removed and left reserved for the future use of the city. Former sections 230.080 — 230.090 derived from Code 1961 §§6-88 — 6-89; CC 1976 §§13-68 — 13-69.
[Ord. No. 99-98 §1, 12-14-1999]
The repair services applies to single family homes, duplexes or apartment buildings containing not more than six (6) dwelling units and will commence the first (1st) business day of January, 2000. This program will allow the City to assess up to twenty-eight dollars ($28.00) per year on all residential property described above to provide funds to pay for the cost of certain repairs of defective lateral sewer service lines serving such dwelling units.
Sewer lateral repair from the main line in the street or sewer easement to the building foundation are eligible under this program. It does not include a sewer line located under any permanent structure. A lateral sewer line service line may be located in the front, side or rear yard.
A sewer lateral is defined as the portion of the sewage system which carries household wastes to the Metropolitan Sewer District (M.S.D.) sewer main and which lies between the structure foundation wall, or exterior wall if construction is non-traditional and the sewer main. Damaged or blocked pipes located within the exterior walls of the structure are not covered under this program. This service is not available to commercial or industrial (as determined by the primary use of the land) property.
The City Council may periodically amend these guidelines in the best interest of the City and its homeowners, except as they may be restricted by State law or the City Ordinances.
If an owner is experiencing a problem with the lateral sewer service line, the owner must first contact a plumber or drain and sewer cleaning company to have the sewer line cabled. If the problem is not resolved by cabling the line, the owner will fill out an application and bring a copy of the paid bill for cabling services and proof of paid real estate taxes.
The City may arrange for a private contractor to televise the line so that the cause and location of the problem can be determined. If the television inspection demonstrates that the line is defective, the testing contractor shall be paid by the City. If the television inspection fails to demonstrate that the line is defective, the testing contractor shall be paid by the homeowner. The corrective work is limited to excavating, repair of the lateral, backfilling, and seeding and strawing of the disturbed portion of the yard. The City will not be responsible for restoration of any landscaping, such as bushes, trees or special grass on the property. Additional work will be done at the homeowner's expense.
The program will only pay for the replacement of sidewalks, driveways and streets removed to accomplish the repair under this policy. Special request for certain concrete or asphalt material will not be accepted nor reimbursed under this program.
In the event that accessory structures or landscaping amenities; such as, fences, sheds, garages, landscape walls, etc., are in the path of the line and lie over the damaged line, the City reserves the right to reroute the lateral or to require the property owner to move any accessory structures or landscaping amenities at the property owner's expense. The City is not responsible for any damages to underground sprinkler systems, landscaping or any other damage caused by the performance of the contractor. This policy will not include reimbursement for the replacement of any landscaping or landscaping amenities that require removal to perform the repair. Additional work shall be done at the property owner's expense. If the contractor requests a change from the bid after the work has begun, any change from the bid must be approved by the Director of Public Works or his/her designee.
Applications will be designated in order received in the categories as follows:
Emergency. Total closure of the sewer lateral and a health hazard to the occupants of the dwelling, or safety concerns with a street or sidewalk cave in.
Priority. Minimal backup is evident, or a sink hole/cave-in is present but does not represent an immediate public safety threat.
Routine. Others after April 6, 1999.
Existing. Notification by M.S.D. of defective sewer lateral prior to April 6, 1999, unless it becomes an emergency situation.
The City has no obligations or responsibility for the performance by the contractor and no responsibility for any damages caused to the owner's property because of the sewer line defects.
The City reserves the right to determine if and when an emergency situation exists. Repair will be done in order of designation. Emergency situations will be handled first regardless of date of application.
In the event that expenditures for this program deplete the fund balance, the program will be suspended until funds are available. A waiting list will be established and those on this list will be handled first when funds are available. The City is not responsible for delays due to acts of nature, acts of God or work stoppages.
Should staff notice, or be notified of, visible evidence of a leaking sanitary sewer lateral (such as a sinkhole, etc.), then the City will initiate appropriate steps to identify the cause.