City of Bonne Terre, MO
St. Francois County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 2001 § 10.04.050(H); Ord. No. 2002-22 § 1, 12-10-2002; Ord. No. 2003-07 § 1, 8-12-2003; Ord. No. 2003-14 § 1, 10-14-2003; Ord. No. 2004-10 § 1, 10-12-2004; Ord. No. 2005-10 § 1, 8-9-2005; Ord. No. 2007-24 § 1, 11-13-2007]
As authorized by and in accordance with Sections 335.020 and 335.030 of this Title, when signs are erected giving notice thereof, drivers of vehicles shall stop at every intersection or other location, designated herein, before proceeding.
Street/Direction of Traffic
A Street at:
Long Street
Norwine Street
Spruce Street
Aldergate at Spring Street
Allen Street at:
Jane Street 4-way
[Ord. No. 201735, 11-13-2017]
Main Street
Oak Street
Ash Street at:
North Long Street
North Spruce Street, eastbound and westbound
Avon Street at Buchanan Street 2-way
B Street at:
D Street
Buchanan Street
Bell Street at:
Middle Street 2-way
Francis Street 2-way
Hill Street 2-way
Benham Street at:
Hazel Street
Raider Road 2-way
Berry Road at Benham Street
Blue Street at:
Summit Street
Fulton Street 2-way
Brand Place to Benham Street
Buchanan Street at:
Long Street
Spruce Street
C Street at:
Spruce Street 2-way
Norwine Street
B Street 2-way
Pine Street 2-way
Canal Street at Johnston Street
Cherry Street at Dover Street
Church Street at:
Mill Street
Olive Street
Cottage Road at:
Ridgeview Drive
Lake Street
Cross Street at:
Main Street 2-way
Middle Street
Canal Street
Mound Street
D Street at:
Spruce Street
Norwine Street
Dairy Field at Church Street 2-way
Dale Street at Roe Street
DeSoto Road at:
Allen Street
Jackson Street, eastbound and westbound
Long Street
Pine Street
Dover Street at Cherry Street
Easter Street at Stone Street
Easton at Columbia
Elm Street at:
Church Street
Allen Street
Family Center Drive at Northwood Drive
Fite Street at:
School Street
St. Joseph 2-way
Benham Street 2-way
Francis Street at:
Shepard Street 3-way
Murrill Street 2-way
Fulton Street at:
Blue Street
Oak Street
Grove Avenue at Oak Street
Hamilton Street at:
Easter Street
DeSoto Road
Hazel Street at Berry Road
Hill Street at:
Branch Street
Cole Street
Middle Street
Shepard Street
Sycamore Street
Industrial Park Road at Berry Road, eastbound
Jackson Street at:
Rongey Avenue
DeSoto Road
Park Avenue
Buchanan Street
Ash Street
Jane Street at:
North Allen Street (4-way stop)
[Ord. No. 201735, 11-13-2017]
Huff Court
Jefferson at Norwine Street
Johnson Street at:
Long Street 2-way
Norwine Street 2-way
Spruce Street 2-way
Mound Street
Long Street at:
Short Street
D Street
Plum Street
Ash Street
DeSoto Road 2-way
A Street
Murrill Street
Lorraine at Columbia
Louise Street at:
Young Street
Fite Street
Allen Street 4-way
Low Street at:
Spruce Street
Murrill Street 3-way
Main Street at:
Cross Street
Church Street
Manor at Columbia
Mansion Hill Drive at Raider Road
Maple Street at:
Norwine Street 2-way
Spruce Street
Long Street
Jackson Street
Middle Street at:
Division Street
Shepard Street 2-way
Mill Street at:
Church Street
Mound Street at School Street
Murrill Street at:
Pine Street
South Spruce Street 4-way
Nesbit at Benham Street
Norwine Street at:
DeSoto Street
S. Park
Norwine, North and West DeSoto Road, traffic coming from deadend on West DeSoto Road
Norwine, South at "C" Street, northbound and southbound
Northwood Drive at:
Short Street
Ash Street
Oak Street at:
Church Street
Summit Street
Old Orchard Road at Stormy
Olive Street at Middle Street
Palm Street at:
Dover Street
Middle Street
Parkside at S. Park
Pear Street at Jackson Street
Pine Street at:
Ash Street
Murrill Street
Johnson Street 2-way
Plum Street at:
B Street
Long Street
Poplar Street at Cherry Street
Ridgeview Drive at Cottage Road 2-way
Rock Street at Avon Street
Rock Quarry at Murrill Street
Rongey Avenue at:
Long Street
Jackson Street 2-way
Avon Street
Savanna at Hazel Street
School Street at:
Church Street
Main Street
Service at Oak Street
Shepard Street at:
Twin Street 3-story
Church Street 2-way
Short Street at Spruce Street
Southpark Drive at Norwine Street
Spring Street at Aldergate
Spruce Street at:
Ash Street
Maple Street
St. Joseph at Allen Street
Stone Street at Rock Street
Sycamore Street at Church Street 2-way
Twin Street at:
Cross Street
Church Street
Wall Street at Benham Street
Ward Street at Jane Street
Wesley at Columbia 4-way
Woodlane Drive at:
Cottage Road
Grove Avenue
Lake Street
Yale at:
Young Street at Jane Street
Stop sign at end of roadway to the Water Treatment Plant and the Women's Shelter where it intersects with Berry Road
A yield sign at the roadway that comes off Berry Road running between the First State Bank ATM and Dairy Queen intersecting with Nesbit Drive.