City of Stockton, MO
Cedar County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1979 §42.040]
A preliminary plat must be filed with the Commission. The plat shall be drawn to a scale of one hundred (100) feet to one (1) inch, provided however, the Commission may waive this requirement if the plat can be more readily portrayed at a different scale. The preliminary plat shall show or be accompanied by the following information:
The proposed name of the subdivision (which must not be so similar to that of an existing subdivision as to cause confusion) and names of adjacent subdivisions.
The names of the owner, licensed engineer or surveyor responsible for the survey and design.
The location of boundary lines and their relation to established section lines and fractional section lines.
The location and width of existing and proposed streets, roads, lots and alleys, building lines, park and other features, and similar facts regarding property immediately adjacent thereto; also the location and size of existing sewers and water mains. If there are no adjacent subdivisions, then a map made on a smaller scale may be required by the Commission showing the outline and ownership of adjacent properties, the location and distance of the nearest subdivisions, and how the streets, alleys or highways in the subdivision offered for record may connect with those in the nearest subdivisions.
A survey showing physical features of the property, including locations of watercourses, ravines, bridges, culverts, present structures, size of adjacent drainage areas in acres, and other features pertinent to the subdivision. The outline of wooded areas and the location of important individual trees may be required. On extensive or broken tracts the Commission may require contours at intervals of two (2) or five (5) feet. All grades shown shall be referred to USGS data. The approximate acreage of the property is to be indicated.
Approximate grades and gradients of streets, including existing streets within the proposed development, and outside streets tangent or adjacent thereto.
A designation of the proposed uses of land within the subdivision; that is the type of residential use, location of business or industrial sites, and sites for churches, schools, parks or other special uses.
North point, scale and date.
As soon as practicable and not later than thirty (30) days after its receipt of the preliminary plat, the Commission shall, after having given due consideration to the said preliminary plat, advise the person filing said plat of its approval or disapproval of the plat; and, if the same be disapproved, shall advise the person filing said plat of the reasons for its disapproval. Upon refusal of the Commission to approve the preliminary plat, the applicant may make such changes as are required for approval and resubmit the plat or he/she may appeal the decision to the Board who may reverse the decision of the Commission and approve said preliminary plat. The approval of a preliminary plat shall not constitute acceptance of the subdivision, but merely an authorization to proceed with the preparation of the final plat. No construction work shall be done on the subdivision before the preliminary plat is accepted, except with the written approval of the Commission and the City Board.