City of Pevely, MO
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 1288 §1, 11-19-2012]
No person shall act or perform any services as a contractor or subcontractor within the city limits of the City of Pevely, Missouri without first registering, filing and being approved for a contractor's license within the said City.
[Ord. No. 1288 §2, 11-19-2012; Ord. No. 1523, 9-21-2020]
Each application shall state:
Name, address, and phone number of the applicant.
General contractor or sub-contractor.
Evidence of Workers Compensation Insurance (if applicable).
Evidence of General Liability Insurance.
Construction contractors who are transient employers shall show proof the employer has been issued a tax clearance and has filed a financial assurance statement.
An application fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will apply and be in effect from January 1 to December 31. The fee will not be prorated.
[Ord. No. 1288 §3, 11-19-2012]
All general and sub-contractors registered under this Chapter shall be responsible for any and all employees working for him/her or under his/her direction.
[Ord. No. 1288 §4, 11-19-2012]
The provisions of this Chapter shall at all times be the duty of the City of Pevely Building Officials to regularly inspect the site of contractors' activities to see that the same are being conducted and operated in accordance with the requirements of all laws and ordinances applicable therein.
[Ord. No. 1288 §5, 11-19-2012]
Any registration issued under the provisions of this Chapter may be revoked by the City of Pevely Building Officials for any violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter. Such revocation shall be in addition to any fine or penalty imposed.
No person whose registration has been revoked as herein provided shall be eligible for a reinstated/new registration for a period to be determined by the Building Official based upon the severity of the violation. An administrative fee of forty dollars ($40.00) is to be paid to the City of Pevely prior to any reinstatement.
The Board of Aldermen shall serve as the Building Board of Appeals. An application for appeal shall be made to the Board of Aldermen within ten (10) days of the Building Official decision. Both the aggrieved party and the Building Official shall be permitted to give testimony, call witness and present evidence to the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor shall administer all oaths and may, at his/her discretion, place a time limit on all testimony.
All appeals from the action of the Building Official to revoke a contractor's or subcontractor's registration shall be filed within ten (10) days of such action with the City of Pevely, Missouri who shall conduct a hearing on such revocation. An administrative fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be charged and must be paid before the appeal process begins.
[Ord. No. 1288 §6, 11-19-2012]
Any person who violates any provisions of this Chapter or who fails to comply with any of the requirements thereof shall be guilty of an offense punishable be a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). Each day that a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense. The imposition of any sentence shall not exempt the offender from compliance with the requirements of this Chapter.