City of Billings, MO
Christian County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1975 §18-20]
The City will at its expense lay water pipes and connections to the property line of every resident of the City who makes application for City water, insofar as funds are available by the City for this purpose. Water pipes, connections and other property of the water system owned by the City and located on public property will be kept up and repaired by the City at its expense. All meters which are to be used for the measuring of water consumed shall be furnished, installed and repaired by the City at its expense. Under no conditions, shall anyone, except City employees, disconnect any meter, connect to a meter or disturb any piping between the meter and the City's distributing system.
[CC 1975 §18-21]
Water pipes and connections on the private property of the consumer will be laid and installed at the expense of the consumer and the consumer will be completely responsible for the condition, upkeep and repair of said lines and will protect the City against any damages resulting from the use of water from such lines. Only pipe manufactured for water use may be used. The material and work in laying the water lines on the consumer's property will be subject to the inspection and approval of the Water Supervisor. Water lines shall not be installed in the same trench with sewers and shall not be subject to any other source of contamination. Water pipes should be at ten (10) feet horizontally from and at a higher elevation than a parallel sewer line. Wherever a water line crosses a sewer line, no water joint or fitting shall be closer than six (6) feet horizontally to a sewer joint. The City's authorized employees shall have access to the consumer's premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of reading meters and inspecting water lines and changing or removing meters.
[CC 1975 §18-22]
Any developer, company or person desiring to construct a water main shall make application to the City on forms approved by the City and shall enter into a water main extension agreement with the City prior to commencement of construction.
[CC 1975 §18-23]
The extension agreement referred to in Section 700.200 shall provide that:
In its entirety the extension is constructed in strict accordance with the construction specifications, drawings and plans previously submitted by the applicant and approved by the City.
All work of construction and extension shall be at the applicant's sole cost and subject to inspection by and approval of the City during all phases of construction; that applicant shall be responsible for maintenance on such extension for a one (1) year period from the date of its completion.
Upon construction being completed to the satisfaction of the City prior to connection of the extension to the existing water distribution system, all right, title and interest therein of the applicant shall be conveyed to the City, free of lien or any other encumbrance prior to such conveyance and the City shall be furnished evidence satisfactory to it that the contractor and subcontractors, if any, of the extension have paid and discharged all indebtedness incurred by them, or any of them, for materials furnished or for work and labor done in connection with and to performance and completion of the extension project.
In any particular case where the applicant for water service can show by reason of exceptional topographical or other physical conditions that the literal compliance with the requirements of the above provisions would cause practical difficulty or exceptional and undue hardship, the Board of Aldermen may modify such requirements to the extent deemed just and appropriate so as to relieve such difficulty or hardship; provided such relief may be granted without detriment to the public interest and without impairing the intent and purpose of the above regulations or the desirable general development of the neighborhood and community in accordance with the ordinance hereinabove set forth. Any modification thus granted shall be spread upon the minutes of the Board of Aldermen setting forth the reasons which, and the opinion of the Board of Aldermen, justifying the modifications.
[CC 1975 §18-24]
After completion of said water main and after expiration of the one (1) year maintenance term, applicant shall have no further interest in the ownership and maintenance of said line and shall not be entitled to any refund or payment as a result of further extensions of said lines by others.