City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — General penalty for code violations, §100.120; motor vehicles and traffic, Title III; municipal court, ch. 135; police, ch. 200.
Article I Offenses Concerning Law Enforcement

Section 215.010 False Impersonation.

Section 215.020 Resisting or Interfering With Arrest — Penalty.

Section 215.030 Interference With Legal Process.

Section 215.035 Resisting or Opposing Officer in Proper Discharge of Duties.

Section 215.040 Aiding Escape of a Prisoner.

Section 215.050 Escape or Attempted Escape From Custody.

Article II Offenses Against Public Peace

Section 215.060 Assault.

Section 215.065 Domestic Assault — Penalty.

Section 215.070 Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer.

Section 215.075 Harassment — Penalty.

Section 215.080 Peace Disturbance — Penalty.

Section 215.090 Private Peace Disturbance.

Section 215.100 Disorderly Houses, Etc.

Section 215.110 Loitering.

Section 215.120 Unlawful Assembly.

Article III Offenses Concerning Weapons

Section 215.130 Unlawful Use of Weapons.

Section 215.135 Concealed Weapons.

Section 215.140 Discharging Air Gun, Etc.

Section 215.150 Unlawful Transfer of Weapons.

Section 215.160 Bows and Arrows — Shooting, Etc.

Section 215.165 Penalties.

Article IV Offenses Concerning Administration of Justice

Section 215.167 Failure to Appear, Penalty.

Section 215.170 False Reports.

Section 215.180 False Bomb Report.

Article V Offenses Against Public Health and Safety

Section 215.190 Abandonment of Airtight or Semi-Airtight Containers.

Section 215.200 Blasting Operations — Requirements Generally.

Section 215.210 Fireworks — Discharging Prohibited — Exception.

Section 215.220 Fireworks — Sale Prohibited — Exception.

Section 215.230 Cisterns, Wells and Dangerous Excavations to Be Securely Fenced and Covered.

Section 215.240 Beehives.

Section 215.250 Throwing Missiles.

Section 215.260 Halloween Trick or Treating — Establishing Time and Age.

Article VI Offenses Against Property

Section 215.270 Property Damage.

Section 215.280 Failure to Return Books, Etc.

Section 215.290 Obstructing Sewers, Gutters, Trenches, Etc.

Section 215.300 Stealing.

Section 215.310 Trespass — First Degree.

Section 215.320 Trespass — Second Degree.

Section 215.330 Turf, Loam, Gravel, Etc. — Taking From or Depositing on Public Places, Property of Another, Etc.

Section 215.340 Posting of Bills.

Section 215.350 Graffiti — Defacement or Damage of Property.

Article VII Offenses Concerning Drugs

Section 215.360 Possession of Marijuana Prohibited.

Section 215.370 Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia.

Section 215.375 Ephedrine Control.

Article VIII Offenses Concerning Minors

Section 215.380 Parental/Guardian Responsibility.

Section 215.390 Curfew.

Article IX Offenses Concerning Noise

Section 215.400 Public Buildings.

Section 215.405 Prohibited Noise.

Section 215.410 Prohibited Acts.

Article X Offenses Against Morals

Section 215.420 Prostitution and Related Offenses.

Section 215.430 Bathhouses and Massage Parlors Where Certain Acts Take Place.

Section 215.440 Bathing While Insufficiently Clothed.

Section 215.450 Indecent Exposure (Sexual Misconduct).

Section 215.460 Exposing Private Parts in Public.

Article XI Miscellaneous Offenses

Section 215.470 Fortunetellers, Clairvoyants, Etc., Prohibited.

Section 215.475 Emergency or Natural Disaster — Curfew.

Article XII General Provisions

Section 215.480 Attempt.

Section 215.490 Conspiracy.

Article XIII Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Section 215.500 Obstructions.

Section 215.510 Gratings and Cellar Doors.

Section 215.520 Burning Trash, Etc., on Paved Public Streets Prohibited.