City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 710.010 Meters Furnished by City.

Section 710.020 Users Regulations.

Section 710.030 Service Installation Regulations.

Section 710.040 Public Hydrants.

Section 710.050 Obstructing Hydrants, Stop-Cocks and Valves.

Section 710.060 Fire Hydrants on Private Premises.

Section 710.070 Water Tanks for Steam Boilers.

Section 710.080 Turning on Water Without Permit.

Section 710.090 Failure of Water Supply.

Section 710.100 Destruction of Waterworks Property.

Section 710.110 Shutting Off Water for Violations — Penalty.

Section 710.115 Lead Ban Policy.

Article II Cross-Connection Control

Section 710.120 Definitions.

Section 710.130 Purpose.

Section 710.140 Implementation.

Section 710.150 Interpretation.

Section 710.160 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 710.170 Failure to Discontinue Use — Grounds for Disconnection of Water Service.

Section 710.180 Inspections.

Section 710.190 When Backflow Prevention Devices Required.

Section 710.200 Determination of Type of Protective Device Required.

Section 710.210 When Air-Gap Separation or Reduced Pressure Principle Devices Required.

Section 710.220 Devices Required When Objectionable but Not Hazardous Substance Exists.

Section 710.230 Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 710.240 Approval of Protective Devices.

Section 710.250 Inspection, Testing and Repair of Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 710.260 Failure of Customer to Cooperate — Grounds for Termination of Service.

Section 710.270 Tampering With Devices.

Article III Water Conservation

Section 710.280 Water Conservation Plan.

Section 710.290 Stages.

Section 710.300 Commercial and Industrial Conservation Plans.

Section 710.310 Notification Provision.

Section 710.320 Compliance With the Plan.

Section 710.330 Penalties.