City of Sparta, MO
Christian County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor’s Note: Former Ch. 400, Planning and Zoning Commission, was repealed 7-12-2005 by Ord. No. 412 §3.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §1, 5-13-2014]
The Sparta Planning and Zoning Commission ("Commission") is hereby established.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §2, 5-13-2014]
The Mayor, with the consent of the Board of Aldermen, shall appoint seven (7) members to the Commission. The initial appointees shall serve as follows: two (2) members shall serve terms of one (1) year; two (2) members shall serve terms of two (2) years; two (2) members shall serve terms of three (3) years; and one (1) member shall serve a term of four (4) years.
After the expiration of these initial terms, all persons appointed shall be appointed for four-year terms.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §3, 5-13-2014]
The Commission shall elect a chair and a secretary from among its citizen members (i.e., members other than the Mayor or Alderman), each of whom must be a resident of the City at the time of appointment (and who shall be ineligible to serve if residence within the City terminates) to serve for one (1) year in those offices.
The Commission shall adopt rules of procedure for its operation and within the amount appropriated by the Board of Aldermen, subject to the Board of Aldermen's approval in advance, may contract with professional planners and other consultants for assistance in the performance of its work.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §4, 5-13-2014]
The Commission shall follow Missouri Statutes, specifically Sections 89.340 through 89.380, RSMo., and prepare a plan for the physical development of Sparta, working with the City staff, the City Attorney, engineers and others. Once the City plan has been adopted by the Commission, the Board of Aldermen may from time to time ask the Commission to recommend subdivision and plat regulations, boundaries of zoning districts, and zoning regulations to the Board of Aldermen for consideration.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §5, 5-13-2014]
As requested by the Board of Aldermen, the Commission shall make reports and recommendations relating to the plan and development of the City to the Board of Aldermen and to other public officials and agencies, public utility companies and other organizations and citizens.
[Ord. No. 14-012 §6, 5-13-2014]
As provided in Section 89.380, RSMo., after the Commission has adopted the plan of the municipality or any part thereof, no street or other public facilities, or no public utility, whether publicly or privately owned, and the location, extent and character thereof having been included in the recommendations and proposals of the plan or portions thereof, shall be constructed or authorized in the municipality until the location, extent and character thereof has been submitted to and approved by the Commission.
In case of disapproval the Commission shall communicate its reasons to the Board of Aldermen, and the Board of Aldermen, by vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of its entire membership, may overrule the disapproval and, upon the overruling, the Board of Aldermen or the appropriate Board or officer may proceed, except that if the public facility or utility is one the authorization or financing of which does not fall within the province of the Board of Aldermen, then the submission to the Commission shall be by the Board having jurisdiction, and the Commission's disapproval may be overruled by that Board by a vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of its entire membership.
The acceptance, widening, removal, extension, relocation, narrowing, vacation, abandonment, change of use, acquisition of land for sale or lease of any street or other public facility is subject to similar submission and approval, and the failure to approve may be similarly overruled. The failure of the Commission to act within sixty (60) days after the date of official submission to it shall be deemed approval.