City of Truesdale, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 711 §1, 6-25-2014[1]]
There is hereby created and established the office of City Administrator for the City.
Appointment and tenure. A qualified person shall be appointed City Administrator for the City by the Mayor, such appointment shall be approved by a majority of the Board of Aldermen. The person so appointed shall serve as administrative assistant to the Mayor for an indefinite term.
Compensation. The City Administrator shall be compensated for services as City Administrator in an amount to be determined annually by the Board of Aldermen.
The City Administrator shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.
Administrative office. The City Administrator shall serve as the general supervisor of all City departments, their officers, and employees. The City Administrator shall coordinate activities between City departments to ensure the efficient utilization of equipment and manpower, and maximize interdepartmental cooperation.
Budget. The City Administrator shall be the budget officer of the City and shall assemble estimates and financial needs and resources of the City as a result of input from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and based on the City's historical budget information.
Purchasing. Assist in the purchasing of materials, supplies, and equipment necessary and approved by the Board of Aldermen, making sure funds are available prior to their purchase. The City Administrator shall comply with the City's code relative to its procurement policy.
Personnel. The City Administrator shall, under the supervision of the Mayor and if so directed by the Mayor and a majority of the Board of Aldermen, act as the personnel officer of the City.
Policy. The City Administrator shall recommend to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen adoption of such measures as the City Administrator may deem necessary or beneficial for the health, safety, or welfare of the City or for improvement of administrative services for the City.
Attend Board meeting. The City Administrator shall attend all meetings of the Board of Aldermen and report to the Board any items relative to the City which may need attention by the Board of Aldermen. The City Administrator shall have the power to appear before and address the Board of Aldermen at any meeting. The City Administrator has the right to take part in the discussion but may not vote. The City Administrator shall receive compensation (by pay or time off) for attending meeting requested by Mayor and/or the Board of Aldermen held outside the regular work hours.
Conference attendance. The City Administrator shall attend conferences, training seminar, and meetings applicable to the business and needs of the City, whenever such attendance is directed and approved by the Mayor and/or Board of Aldermen.
Economic development. The City Administrator shall correspond with all prospective businesses showing interest in the City. This correspondence will demonstrate the City's desire to procure new business and industry.
City property. The City Administrator shall maintain a record for all real and personal property of the City. Such record shall be a result of a joint effort between the City Administrator and the employees.
Power of Administrator. At no time shall the duties or powers of the City Administrator supersede the action by the Mayor and/or Board of Aldermen.
Miscellaneous. In addition to the foregoing duties, the City Administrator shall perform any and all other duties or functions prescribed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen from time to time.
The Administrator will be informed and must agree to be subject to random drug and alcohol testing as part of the terms of employment. It will be mandatory to submit to drug and alcohol testing if involved in any type of accident while on duty as part of the terms of employment.
Vacation will be governed by the vacation schedule set by the Board of Aldermen in June 1995.
Upon thirty (30) days written notice to the other party, this contract may be terminated by the majority vote of the Board of Aldermen of the City of Truesdale or by the party of the second part.
Editor's Note: Section 1 of Ord. No. 711 also changed the title of Art. II, from "City Clerk" to "Administration and City Clerk."
The Board of Aldermen shall elect a Clerk for such Board, to be known as "the City Clerk", whose duties and term of office shall be fixed by ordinance. Among other things, the City Clerk shall keep a journal of the proceedings of the Board of Aldermen. He/she shall safely and properly keep all the records and papers belonging to the City which may be entrusted to his/her care; he/she shall be the general accountant of the City; he/she is hereby empowered to administer official oaths and oaths to persons certifying to demands or claims against the City.