Town of Carrollton, MO
Carroll County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 937 § 1, 8-16-1983]
The Carrollton Fire Department shall be under the direction and management of a Board of Directors consisting of five (5) members to be chosen from the citizens of the Town of Carrollton, at large, with reference to their fitness and for such office; and no members of the municipal government or the Volunteer Fire Department shall be a member of this board.
[Ord. No. 937 § 2, 8-16-1983]
The members of the Board of Directors shall be a politically non-partisan board appointed by the Council of the Town of Carrollton; they shall hold office for a term of three (3) years each, or until their successors are appointed and qualified; with each member given the privilege or re-appointment subject to the approval of the Town Council for a consecutive three-year term. Thereafter, that person shall not serve until the expiration of a period of three (3) years whereupon said person may be re-appointed to the Board. The Council may remove any director for misconduct or negligence of duty. All Board actions are subject to Council.
[Ord. No. 937 § 3, 8-16-1983; Ord. No. 2020-1355, 9-8-2020]
Vacancies in the Board of Directors occasioned by removal, resignation, death or otherwise, shall be reported to the Council and be filled in like manner as original appointments. Any person appointed by the Council to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the term to which his/her predecessor was appointed. Any person appointed to fill a vacancy may, at the expiration of the unexpired term appointment, be reappointed for up to two (2) consecutive three-year terms, unless the expired term filled was for one-half (1/2) or more of a term, in which case the reappointment is limited to one (1) three-year term. After a person has served his/her maximum permitted consecutive terms, then the person may not be reappointed to the board until a full board term has expired.
[Ord. No. 937 § 4, 8-16-1983]
That the Board of Directors shall make and adopt such bylaws and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of said Fire Department as may be expedient and consistent with the laws of the State of Missouri.
[Ord. No. 937 § 5, 8-16-1983]
The Board shall hold regular meetings at least once a month at the time and place to be fixed by said Board and shall hold additional meetings upon the call of the President of the Board and shall do all things necessary to carry out the powers and duties of said Board.
[Ord. No. 937 § 6, 8-16-1983]
The directors shall immediately, after the first day of October of each year, meet and organize by electing one member president, and by electing such other officers as they may deem necessary.
[Ord. No. 937 § 7, 8-16-1983]
The Board of Directors shall make, on or before the first Tuesday in January of each year, an annual report to the Council stating the condition of their trusts on the first day of January of that year, the various sums of money received by them and its source and how much monies have been expended and for what purposes, and the balance of money on hand as of that time; and at the first meeting in October, the Board shall present to the Council their estimated budget setting out their estimate of the funds necessary to satisfactorily operate and maintain the Fire Department for the coming calendar year.
[Ord. No. 937 § 8, 8-16-1983]
The Chief of the Carrollton Fire Department is hereby made an ex officio member of said Board of Directors and shall attend all regular and special meetings of said Board. The Board of Directors and the Council shall each year appoint a Fire Chief of the Department from the Volunteer Fire Department and shall have the right to remove said Chief for good cause shown. Said Chief is to serve under regulations adopted by the Board of Directors. The Fire Chief shall have the responsibility of appointing the officers of the Fire Department.
[Ord. No. 937 § 9, 8-16-1983]
No director appointed for a full term, a partial term, or to fill any vacancy existing, shall receive any compensation for serving as such.