Township of Ross, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. 1166, 8/27/1973, § 1167.01]
Initially, the owner or owners of land to be subdivided or developed in accordance with these regulations shall consult with the Planning Commission, the Township Secretary, the Township Engineer, the appropriate sanitary authority and other applicable authority or the Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development prior to the preparation of a preliminary subdivision or development plat. Requirements for major and minor streets, drainage, the relationship to other developments existing and proposed, public areas and the relationship to the overall Comprehensive Plan, should be determined, among others, in advance of the preparation of a preliminary subdivision or land development plat.
[Ord. 1166, 8/27/1973, § 1167.02]
Application Letter. A letter of application (in two copies) shall be directed to the Planning Commission by the subdivider or developer of any proposed subdivision or land development. Such letter shall indicate the general details of the proposed subdivision or land development, transmit required fees and present any other requirements of this chapter or the Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27] now shown on plats.
Application Fee. In order to defray a part of the cost incurred by the Township for review of plats, review of agreements, inspection of construction operations, inspection of improvements and the acceptance of such improvements, and for inspecting, approving and accepting streets and improvements of preliminary plats, the Commissioners shall establish, by ordinance or resolution, a fee schedule for such costs of review.
Copies of Preliminary Plat and Supplemental Information. Five prints of each drawing submitted as part of the preliminary subdivision or land development plat and all required supplementary data, prepared as required by the provisions of this chapter shall be submitted to the office of the Township Manager at least five days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which it is to be presented for filing. At the time of submittal, such fees as may be required by Subsection 2 hereof shall be paid to cover the cost of review and processing.
Receipt of Plat Application. When the application for approval of the plat is received by the Township Manager, the date of receipt shall be stamped thereon.
Filing of Preliminary Development Plat. At each regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Planning Commission, the Township Manager shall present for filing all preliminary subdivision and/or development plat applications received since the last scheduled monthly meeting, but not later than five days prior to such meeting. Each such application received shall be recorded in the minutes as having been filed with the Planning Commission for review.
[Ord. 1166, 8/27/1973, § 1167.03; as amended by Ord. 2288, 4/12/2010]
All sheet sizes shall be of a standard size or model and shall be a minimum of any multiple of 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches or 11 inches by 15 inches, 22 inches by 30 inches, 30 inches by 40 inches or 42 inches by 60 inches.
A title block shall be located in the lower right corner of each sheet. Included in the title block shall be the name of the proposed development or subdivision, graphic scale, written scale and date, including the month, day and year that the original drawing was completed and the month, day and year that the original drawing was revised for each revision, if any. Name of owner of record and developer or subdivider, if different than owner, and the surveyor and/or engineer seal of the registered engineer or surveyor responsible for the plat.
North point shall be shown on the sheet.
Scale shall be no larger than one inch equals 100 feet.
Other Requirements. Any or all of the following requirements shall be identified by the Planning Commission at the preliminary conference.
Names of all abutting land areas, if any, with the book and page numbers where recorded; names of owners of adjacent property.
A key map for the purpose of locating the property being subdivided, showing the relationship to adjoining property and to all streets, roads, municipal boundaries and recorded subdivision plats existing within 200 feet of any part of the property.
Total tract boundaries of the property being subdivided, showing bearings and distances, and a statement of total acreage of the property.
Zoning data, including any changes in the existing zoning to be requested by the subdivider or developer; if a zoning district change is being considered or is pending, which might affect the proposed subdivision, the Township shall so notify the subdivider or developer.
Contour lines at intervals of 10 feet.
Location and elevation of the datum to which contour elevations refer; datum used shall be a known, established bench mark.
All existing sewer lines, water lines, fire hydrants, utility transmission lines, culverts, bridges, railroads, watercourses and other significant man-made or natural features within the proposed subdivision or development and within 50 feet from the boundaries of the proposed subdivision or development.
All existing buildings or other structures, and the approximate location of all existing tree masses, within the proposed area.
All existing streets, including streets of record, (recorded but not constructed on or abutting the tract, including names, rights-of-way width, cartway pavement) widths and approximate grades.
Copies of existing and proposed deed restrictions, if any.
The full plat of proposed subdivision or land development, including.
Location and width of all streets and rights-of-way, with a statement of any conditions governing their uses.
Suggested street names and utility easement locations; street names shall neither duplicate names of other streets nor have phonetic similarity to other streets in the Township or Post Office district.
Proposed building setback lines along each street.
Lot lines with approximate dimensions.
A statement of the intended use of all nonresidential lots and parcels.
Lot numbers and a statement of the total number of lots and parcels, if feasible.
Method of sanitary sewage disposal including sanitary and/or storm sewer and other drainage facilities, location of all lines and any proposed connections with existing facilities, as approved by the Township.
Parks, playgrounds and other areas dedicated or reserved for public use with any conditions governing such use including their acreage. The developer shall be required to set aside or dedicate or reserve, as the case may be, 2/100 acre of land per dwelling unit planned for the proposed subdivision. The precise location of such areas shall as far as practicable, be deferred until an application for final approval is filed so that flexibility of development, which is a prime objective of this chapter, can be maintained. The Township shall have the right to determine the specific location of such areas.
In addition, the Township shall have the right to determine whether such areas shall be dedicated to the Township and maintained by the Township, or whether such areas shall be reserved or set aside to an association or organization to be established by the applicant for the ownership and maintenance of such areas; that in such event such organization or association shall not be dissolved nor shall it dispose of such areas by sale or otherwise, except to an organization or association conceived and established to own and maintain such areas, without first offering to dedicate the same to the Township.
In the event that the Township determines that the land proposed to be set aside, dedicated or reserved, as hereinabove set forth, is of such size, topography or location in the proposed development that the Board of Commissioners of the Township would determine that the same is unacceptable to the Township, the Township reserves the right and privilege in lieu of the setting aside or dedication or reservation of such land, to require the developer to pay to the Township cash in such amount as shall be determined by the appraisal of the tract proposed to have been set aside or dedicated or reserved by the developer. Such appraisal shall be made by an independent appraiser to be selected by the Township and the developer and the appraisal fee shall be paid by the developer. The appraisal of such land shall be in accordance with its fair market value as the same is defined in the Eminent Domain Code, 26 Pa.C.S.A. § 101 et seq., as of the date upon which the application for final plat approval is approved by the Board of Commissioners of the Township.
Conformance with the design standards and improvement specifications in Part 6.
Grading plan and location of conservation measures used to minimize erosion and sedimentation in accordance with the Township Grading Ordinance [Chapter 9, Part 1]. See also the Soil and Sedimentation Handbook available from Allegheny County and advice from the United States Department of Agriculture Soil and Conservation Service available free.
Supplementary Data. The preliminary plat shall be accompanied by the following supplementary data as applicable:
Preliminary designs of any bridges or culverts which may be required. Such designs shall meet all applicable requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
[Ord. 1166, 8/27/1973, § 1167.04; as amended by Ord. 1307, 6/26/1978, § 1; and by Ord. 1726, 10/14/1991, § 22-404]
Review of Preliminary Plat. When an application is received by the Township Manager, copies of the prints and pertinent supplementary data shall be forwarded to the following agencies for appropriate review:
Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development one copy.
Other cognizant agencies, such as the School Board, if deemed advisable, one copy. No less than three copies of the documents shall be retained for the Township Planning Commission review.
By Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development. If applicable, one copy of the preliminary subdivision or land development plat shall be transmitted to the Allegheny County Department of Planning and Development by the Township Manager for review and report.
By Other Cognizant Agencies. Other cognizant agencies should be requested to comment on preliminary plats when deemed in the public interest. Such requests should be made so as to provide the Planning Commission comments from such agencies prior to the Planning Commission's next regularly scheduled meeting.
By the Township Planning Commission. The Township Planning Commission shall review the preliminary plat during regular or special sessions, in committee or in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Township Planning Commission. Such review shall be to determine conformance to the standards contained herein or advisable in the public interest.
At the next scheduled monthly meeting after the filing of a preliminary plat, the Township Planning Commission shall review all comments received regarding the preliminary plat. After such review, a decision shall be reached regarding the preliminary plat. That the Planning Commission shall give public notice as defined in this chapter, of every public meeting held by it, together with the agenda for such meeting.
[Ord. 1166, 8/27/1973, § 1167.05; as amended by Ord. 2288, 4/12/2010]
Approval of Plats. All applications for approval of a plat (other than those governed by Article VII of the Municipalities Planning Code, 53 P.S. § 10701 et seq.), whether preliminary or final, shall be acted upon by the Board of Commissioners within such time limits as may be fixed in this chapter but the Board of Commissioners shall render its decision and communicate it to the applicant not later than 90 days following the date of the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners next following the date the application is filed or after a final order of court remanding an application, provided that should the said next regular meeting occur more than 30 days following the filing of the application or the final order of the court, the said ninety-day period shall be measured from the thirtieth day following the day the application has been filed.
The decision of the Board of Commissioners shall be in writing and shall be communicated to the applicant personally or mailed to him at his last known address not later than 15 days following the decision.
When the application is not approved in terms as filed the decision shall specify the defects found in the application and describe the requirements which have not been met and shall, in each case, cite to the provisions of the statute or ordinance relied upon.
Failure of the Board of Commissioners to render a decision and communicate it to the applicant within the time and in the manner required herein shall be deemed an approval of the application in terms as presented unless the applicant has agreed in writing to an extension of time or change in the prescribed manner of presentation of communication of the decision, in which case, failure to meet the extended time or change in manner of presentation of communication shall have like effect.
Effect of Approval. Approval of the preliminary subdivision or land development plat shall not constitute final acceptance of the subdivision or land development or plats thereof. The procedures outlined in Part 5 must be complied with.