Town of Casco, ME
Cumberland County
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[Amended 6-14-2017 by Art. 27]
In reviewing applications for the subdivision of land, the Planning Board shall evaluate the subdivision using the following criteria in accordance with 30-A M.R.S.A. § 4404:
The subdivision:
Is in conformance with goals, policies and recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan of the Town.
Will not result in undue water or air pollution. In making this determination, the Planning Board shall at least consider:
The elevation of the land and its relation to floodplains;
The nature of soils and subsoils and their ability to adequately support waste disposal;
The slope of the land and its effect on effluents; and
The applicable state and local health and water resources regulations.
Has sufficient water available for the reasonably foreseeable needs of the subdivision.
Will not cause an unreasonable burden on an existing water supply.
Will not cause unreasonable soil erosion or reduction in the capacity of the land to hold water so that a dangerous or unhealthy condition may result.
Will not cause unreasonable highway or public road congestion or unsafe conditions with respect to the use of highways or public roads, existing or proposed.
Will provide for adequate sewage waste disposal.
Will not cause an unreasonable burden on the ability of the Town to dispose of solid waste and sewage if municipal services/facilities are to be utilized.
Will not have an undue adverse effect on the scenic or natural beauty of the area, aesthetics, historic sites, rare and irreplaceable natural areas, or any public rights for physical or visual access to the shoreline.
Is in conformance with Chapter 215, Zoning, including shoreland zoning standards, and with other pertinent state and local codes and ordinances.
Whenever situated, in whole or in part, within 250 feet of any pond, lake, or river, will not adversely affect the quality of such body of water or unreasonably affect the shoreline of such body of water.
Will not, alone or in conjunction with existing activities, adversely affect the quality or quantity of groundwater.
The subdivider has adequate financial and technical capacity to meet the above standards.
In all instances, the burden of proof shall rest upon the applicant to make all required submittals and to demonstrate compliance with all applicable approval standards.