Town of Milo, NY
Yates County
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All extensions to the sanitary sewer system owned and maintained by the Town shall be properly designed in accordance with the recommended standards of sewer works and be in strict conformance with all requirements of New York State. Plans and specifications for sewer extensions shall be submitted to and approval obtained from the Town and New York State before construction may proceed. The design of the proposed sewer extension must anticipate and allow for flows from all possible future extensions or developments within the immediate drainage area.
The property owner shall pay for the building sewer, pressurized lateral, grinder pump and any necessary sewer force main or sewers from the public sewer to his/her building in accordance with the requirements of § 279-9. Thereafter, the owner will be charged the sewer rent as outlined in Article VII and a capital charge pursuant to Article VIII. Property owners may request a sewer extension by submitting a signed petition to the Town. If any lands are not in the District or extensions thereto, the property owner must initiate and pay for all costs of said District extension.
He or they must pay for the entire installation, including all expenses incidental thereto. The builder or developer of the sewer extension must submit to the Town Engineered plans with stamped approvals of the regulatory agencies pertaining to such sewer extensions. The installation of the sewer extension must be subject to a full-time inspection by a representative of the Town. The cost related to the inspections shall be paid by the owner, builder or developer. The Town's decision will be final in matters of quality and methods of construction. The sewer, as constructed, must pass the leakage test. The property owners discharging into the public sewer system will be subjected to the sewer rent charge.
The sewer design, material and construction practices for the sewer extension will meet the latest standards for the industry as approved by the regulatory agencies for this area and the standards adopted by the Town.
No builder or developer shall be issued a building permit for a new dwelling or structure requiring sanitary facilities within the District unless a suitable and approved method of waste disposal is proposed and approved by the Town. All new developments in the District shall be provided with an approved system of sanitary sewers.
Each and every plumber, contractor or excavator or other person, firm or corporation other than the property owner himself will, at the option of the Town, be required to have a license issued by the Clerk of the Town before he will be permitted to do any work in the Town insofar as this chapter is concerned.
If, in the opinion of the Town, the work performed by the contractor within the Town violates the provisions of this chapter or any other ordinances of the Town or, if the contractor's work is, in the opinion of the Town, substandard, then, in that event, the Town may revoke the license for the contractor to do work in the Town.