Town of Milo, NY
Yates County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Milo by L.L. No. 1-1996 (Ch. 69 of the 1997 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building Code administration — See Ch. 150, Art. I.
Unsafe buildings — See Ch. 162.
Subdivision of land — See Ch. 295.
Zoning — See Ch. 350.
The Town Board of the Town of Milo finds that the lack of a Town-wide requirement for the assigning and display of assigned numbers to the buildings within the Town has resulted in a general inability to quickly and conveniently locate an address and thus poses a problem of increasing severity in the delivery of mail, packages and, most importantly, the delivery of police, fire and medical emergency services.
For these reasons, the Town Board finds that enactment of a law to require the numbering of buildings is both reasonable and appropriate; and that such law is authorized by the Town in the exercise of its police power, and the Town Board therefore hereby elects to do so.
The purpose of this chapter is to require the clear display of authorized and assigned numbers for certain buildings fronting on any street in the Town of Milo outside the Village of Penn Yan. This is in order to assist the general public and providers of emergency services, delivery services and school bus services, public and private, to more easily identify any building within the Town in case of emergency or otherwise.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any enclosed structure having a roof and walls and built specifically for human use or occupancy either as a residence or in one or more commercial endeavors.
That side of a lot or parcel of land which abuts or faces the street; or, in the case of corner lot or lots having streets on more than one side, the side or boundary of the lot which the main doorway of the building faces; or, in the case of lots served by an access strip or common driveway, frontage shall be where the access or driveway enters the public street.
Any person or persons, firm or corporation, who or which is vested with fee simple title or a life estate to a building (or portion thereof), or who is responsible for the care, maintenance and payment of charges or levies of a building.
Any public or private right-of-way or thoroughfare utilized for vehicular traffic within the Town.
[Amended 3-27-2006 by L.L. No. 2-2006]
The Milo Town Board has given the responsibility of assigning house and building numbers to the Code Enforcement Officer. The numbers that the Code Enforcement Officer has already assigned will remain in effect, subject to change because of new construction or a subdivision of the property. As new homes are built the Code Enforcement Officer will make the necessary number assignments, in conformity with a uniform numbering system. The display of any house or building number other than the number assigned by the Town Code Enforcement Officer is expressly prohibited.
This chapter is intended to comply with the policy of the Yates County 911 System requirements for addresses, if applicable, as well as other applicable agencies and companies. Should any situation not be specifically outlined herein, numbering shall be consistent with Yates 911 guidelines in effect now or in the future.
Numbers, letters or script indicating a number shall be required on all buildings to which this chapter applies, both those now in existence and/or hereafter erected which front on any street in the Town of Milo outside the Village of Penn Yan, and such numbers shall meet the standards hereinafter described, and such shall be conspicuously placed and displayed thereon as provided hereinafter by this chapter.
Whenever any buildings shall be erected or located in the Town of Milo outside the Village of Penn Yan after the passage of this chapter and in order to preserve the continuity and uniformity of numbers of the buildings, it shall be the duty of the owner of the property to ascertain the correct number or numbers as designated, authorized and assigned by the Town of Milo or its designated agent for said building and to fasten on the building the proper marker clearly setting forth the correct number or numbers so assigned to said building as required by this chapter.
The owner of the property on which a building now fronts or which may hereafter front upon any public or private street shall, in accordance with this chapter cause the designated, authorized and assigned number of such building to be permanently and conspicuously placed and displayed thereon in accordance with the specifications set forth herein. Numbers shall be placed at the time of construction or on any existing building within 30 days of the adoption of this chapter in accordance with the specifications set forth herein. Any building presently numbered shall display the existing number.
Building numbers shall be:
In Arabic or script numerals.
A minimum height of four inches.
[Amended 3-27-2006 by L.L. No. 2-2006]
Mounted in secure fashion to the front wall or porch of the building or fixed to an appurtenance on the front of the buildings so as to be clearly visible from the street.
Sufficiently legible as to contrasting background, arrangement, spacing and uniformity so as to be clearly visible from the street.
At least 30 inches above ground level and so placed that trees, shrubs and other obstructions do not block the line of sight of the numbers from the street upon which the building fronts.
If possible, placed alongside any existing outside lighting so as to be illuminated.
All buildings having glass fronts or glass doors may use decal-type or hand-lettered numerals placed on the glass of the main doorway or on the glass adjacent to or above the main doorway.
Placement of numbers on post, rod or mailbox.
If the numbers affixed to the front of the building would not be visible from the street as required herein, as an alternative thereto, requirements of this chapter are satisfied if the owner shall provide the numbers, as required hereinabove, upon a post, rod or other type of fixture of substantial nature adjacent to a driveway leading to said building so that the number may be conspicuous and visible from either direction when traveling on the road. The location shall not be greater than 30 feet from the edge of the roadway. A mailbox, post, sign or rod on the opposite side of the street that the building fronts on will not satisfy the requirements of this chapter unless such mailbox, sign, post or rod clearly indicates by the use of an arrow or other appropriate symbol that the building so numbered is located on the opposite side of the street or highway.
In the case of apartment, condominium and/or townhouse complexes, the number posted shall be the official mailing address number. Numbers shall be placed on each building. The numbers shall be at least four inches in height and shall be adequately visible from the roadways within any apartment, condominium and/or townhouse complex. Each main entranceway shall display numbers at least four inches in height of the apartment within the entranceway. Each apartment door shall display numbers at least four inches in height. A storm or screen door shall not obscure required numbers.
[Amended 3-27-2006 by L.L. No. 2-2006]
The posting of the numbers as required hereinabove shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property on which the building is located. In the case of an apartment complex, the responsibility shall be that of the owner of the property upon which the apartment complex is located. In the case of a condominium or townhouse complex, the responsibility shall be that of the owner of the condominium or townhouse.
If the owner of the property on which a building is located shall fail, refuse or neglect to place the designated authorized and assigned number on the building, replace it when necessary, or replace any unauthorized number, the Code Enforcement Officer may cause a notice to be personally served on such owner or mailed by certified mail to his last known address ordering him to place, replace or remove the number. Such owner shall comply with such notice within 30 days from the date of service.
Each owner of property responsible as outlined in this chapter shall also be responsible for the continued maintenance and legibility of the required numbers.
If the owner of the property upon which a building is located shall fail or refuse to display or cause to be displayed the number designated, authorized and assigned thereto, or to remove any unauthorized number in conformity with the provisions of this chapter within 30 days after notice to do so, the owner shall be subject to a conviction of a violation as defined in the Penal Law of the State of New York and shall be subject to a fine of not more than $250 for each offense, and each week after the giving of such notice shall constitute a separate offense.
The Town Board of the Town of Milo may also maintain an action or proceeding in the name of the Town in a court of competent jurisdiction to compel compliance with or to restrain by injunction the violation of this chapter, notwithstanding that this chapter provides a penalty or other punishment for such violation.
The enforcing officer shall be the Code Enforcement Officer.