Township of Richmond, PA
Tioga County
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[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 300]
It is the intent of this chapter to accept and make a part hereof the Richmond Township ordinance requirement [that] all persons, partnerships, businesses, and corporations obtain a building permit for new construction or development within the areas of the Township of Richmond which are subject to flooding [See Chapter 8].
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 400; as amended by Ord. 3-81, 12/7/1981, § 7]
Subject to the following conditions, fences may be erected along the boundaries of a lot:
On any corner lot, no wall, fence, sign or other structure shall be erected or altered, and no hedge, tree, shrub or other growth shall be permitted which may cause danger to traffic on a street by obscuring the view.
No solid hedge or growth shall be planted or permitted to grow higher than two feet in height on any property line or street right-of-way line between the front or side street so that the sight distance from any adjacent driveway within 20 feet of curb is restricted.
Nothing in this section shall prevent the erection of fences for agricultural purposes.
Except as otherwise provided, no boundary line fence shall exceed four feet in height.
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 401]
Notwithstanding the limitations imposed by any other provisions of this chapter, the Zoning Officer may permit erection of a structure on any lot of record separately owned or under contract of sale and containing, at the time of the passage of this chapter, an area or a width smaller than that required in this chapter. In no case shall any structure be permitted within five feet of a lot line.
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 402]
In order to prevent the creation of a traffic hazard by limiting visibility at a street intersection, no structure, building, earthen bank or vegetation exceeding 3 1/2 feet in height above the finished paved area at the center of the roadway shall be allowed within the clear-sight triangle on corner lots.
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 403]
Essential service installations as defined in this chapter, shall be permitted subject to restrictions recommended by the Planning Commission and approved by the Board of Supervisors with respect to use, design, yard area, setback and height. This section shall be construed in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, 53 P.S. § 10619, as amended.
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980, § 404]
No open lot shall be used as a storage area for junk automobiles, appliances or the storage or collection of any other miscellaneous items. Also, no open lot shall be used as a garbage dump or a dead animal rendering plant nor may rubbish or miscellaneous refuse be stored in the open where the same may be construed as a menace to the public health or safety.
[Ord. 2-80, 11/17/1980; added by Ord. 4-95, 9/5/1995; and as amended by Ord. 1-11, 3/1/2011, § 2]
Antenna support structures and/or small residential windmills are subject to the following restrictions:
A ground mounted antenna support structure shall be located only in a side or rear yard in the case of a residential property, must be located within the allowable building area subject to any setback requirements. No antenna or antenna support structure, or guy wire supports will be permitted in the front setback area.
Anchors shall be located within the property boundaries, and subject to all setback requirements. No guy wires may be anchored to a structure; i.e., dwelling, shed, etc.
If property is not enclosed by fencing, each guy wire shall be enclosed with a guy wire sleeve at its lower termination point.
An application for a permit to erect an antenna support structure shall be accompanied by the manufacturer's specifications for that structure.
If the antenna support structure to be installed is a used facility with no specifications, specifications shall be submitted for a structure of similar or like construction.
If the proposed antenna support structure has no design specifications, the applicant must enclose a certification by a professional structural engineer as to the structural integrity and capacity of the proposed structure.
No antenna support structure shall support an antenna array with a wind load factor greater than the design specifications of the supporting structure.
If an antenna support structure is subject to rules of the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Aviation Administration or any other government agency, approval of that agency shall be submitted before any construction begins.
Any antenna support structure which in itself is a transmitting antenna shall be enclosed by a fence at least six feet in height, and a spacing between construction elements of not more than four inches.
No more than one primary supporting structure shall be permitted on any one lot or principal building unless otherwise approved the Township's Zoning Hearing Board.
An antenna support structure with a height of 100 feet shall have a strobe light at the top of the structure. Antenna support structures in excess of 100 feet in height shall have red lights placed at the one-hundred-foot level and upwards at fifty-foot intervals with the strobe light at the top. Lights shall meet Federal Aviation Administration standards, and shall be maintained in operable condition at all times. Any current structure not meeting these safety requirements shall, within 90 days after enactment of this section of this Part, be brought into compliance.
Antenna support structures including guy wires and anchor posts shall be set back 10 feet from adjoining property lines, and 50 feet from the edge of any public road right-of-way.