Borough of Bound Brook, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1967 Code § 31-1]
It is hereby recognized that with regard to the use of Borough owned parks and recreation areas, there is a need to establish policies with regard to the activities that may be conducted in parks and recreation areas in order to properly protect the peace, safety and order of the public.
[1967 Code § 31-1; Ord. No. 07-03; Ord. No. 11-10]
At no time will drugs, narcotics, alcoholic beverages or tobacco use be allowed in the parks, nor will those persons under the influence of the aforementioned be allowed in the parks. The Municipal Council may, by resolution, approve consumption in a park or municipal property for a period not to exceed five days for events or festivals.
[1967 Code § 31-3]
No domestic animal shall be permitted to run at large within the parks. All such pets must be kept on a leash not exceeding six feet in length. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to remove any animal droppings.
[1967 Code § 31-4]
No person shall leave bottles, broken glass, ashes, wastepaper or other refuse anywhere within the parks, except in a properly provided receptacle designated for that purpose.
[1967 Code § 31-5]
No person shall pick flowers, foliage, berries or fruit or cut, break, dig up or in any way mutilate or injure any tree, shrub, plant, fern, grass, turf, railing, seat, fence, structure or any other physical objects within the parks.
[1967 Code § 31-6]
No person shall build, light or maintain a fire within the parks without the prior approval of the Recreation Commission.
[1967 Code § 31-7A]
No person shall discharge any weapon or firearms within the park. Firearms shall not be carried nor had in possession within the parks. Shooting with bow and arrow is also prohibited.
[1967 Code § 31-7B]
No person shall molest, trap, capture, hold, remove, injure or kill any animal or disturb its habitat within the parks.
[1967 Code § 31-8A]
No person shall engage in any commercial enterprise, including but not limited to the offering of services, soliciting, selling or peddling any liquids or edibles for human consumption, or distribute circulars or hawk, peddle or vend any goods, wares or merchandise within the parks.
[1967 Code § 31-8B]
No person shall cut, carve, paint, mark, paste or fasten on any tree, fence, wall, building, monument or other object within the parks any bill, advertisement or inscription, nor shall any person distribute, cast, throw or place any handbill, pamphlet, circular, advertisement or notice of any kind within the parks.
[1967 Code § 31-9]
Footpaths or walks established for pedestrian travel shall not be used for vehicular travel. The use of mopeds or motorized bikes will be limited to roadways, drives and parking areas as established and opened to all other vehicular traffic.
No person shall drive or propel, or cause to be driven or propelled, along or over any road within the parks, any vehicle at a rate of speed greater than 15 miles per hour.
No person shall park any vehicle outside of designated parking areas.
[1967 Code § 31-10; Ord. No. 07-03]
The hours of operation of the parks shall be from 8:00 a.m. to dusk unless otherwise scheduled through the Bound Brook Director of the Recreation Commission.
[1967 Code § 31-11]
A permit is required for any organization or group of people of 20 or more desiring to use the park facilities. There will be a fee charged of $25 per day for this permit, which will cover the cost of administration, printing and the issuance of the permit. Such permit authorizing a person or organization the use of any of the parks may be granted upon application to the Recreation Commission. All conditions of the permit approval must be adhered to and any violation of the terms and conditions, or any violations of this chapter or any falsifications shall constitute grounds for its revocation or grounds for refusal to issue any subsequent permit by the Recreation Commission.
[1967 Code § 31-12]
No person shall remain within the parks who does not abide by the conditions adopted and posted by the Recreation Commission for the preservation of good order and the protection of property within the parks, and no person shall remain within the parks who does not abide by the instructions and directions of duly authorized officers or agents of the Mayor and Council in the lawful performance of their duties. Any person directed by an agent or officer of the Mayor and Council to leave the park shall do so promptly and peaceably.
[1967 Code § 31-13; Ord. No. 07-03]
Any person violating any section of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, § 1-5.