Town of University Park, MD
Prince George's County
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Parks are open for general use between the hours 6:00 a.m. and two hours after dark. No person shall enter or use the parks between 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Tennis courts are open during daylight hours.
[Effective 10-10-2005]
Use and permitting of the Town park, defined as Town owned or operated recreational facilities, in their entirety, including but not limited to the tot lot, tennis courts, sports field(s), picnic areas, pathways and bridges, and general park areas within the Town limits, shall be governed by rules and regulations adopted by resolution of the Mayor and Council pursuant to this section.
Permit. Only Town residents with permits may make use of the tennis courts. Permits are available to Town residents from the Treasurer for a fee of $0.25 and are valid for one year from the date of issuance.
Court usage. The tennis courts may be used only for the purpose of playing tennis. Skating, ice skating, skateboarding, bicycling and other such activities are prohibited. Permit holders may bring no more than three guests and such guests must play on the same court with the permit holder. Permit holders shall not wait longer than one hour for singles players and 1 1/2 hours for doubles players in order to get a court. Children under the age of 14 and unaccompanied by an adult shall not play longer than 30 minutes when anyone is waiting for a court.
[Revised, effective 6-2-1994]
[Effective 10-10-2005]
The park may be used for picnicking. The tot lot shall not be permitted for exclusive use. The tot lot equipment and play area may be used only by children of the appropriate size and age for whom the area was designed.
Regarding personal conduct in using the parks and facilities, no person shall:
Engage in sports or games, or use play equipment, not authorized by the Town, or engage in activities that involve excessive noise or loud or offensive music. Dunking booths, pony rides, and other amusements involving animals, are prohibited.
Collect admission fees, exchange money for tickets, practice, carry on, conduct or solicit for any business or profession, or sell or offer for sale any article or merchandise for personal gain, or otherwise solicit or collect funds or contributions without the approval of the Council.
Permit an animal owned or controlled by him/her to excrete waste in the park, except with immediate clean up, removal, and proper disposal of animal waste.
Drive, operate, park or leave standing, any motorized vehicle, except a Town employee in the discharge of his duties.
Damage, deface, move, or remove any public property.
Sell, possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
Bring or use barbecue or other types of grills or cooking facilities other than those provided by the Town. No fires may be lit except in Town-provided barbecues, without prior permission of the Town and no fires may be left unattended.
Engage in a prohibited use of a Town park facility during any time when it has been declared as unsuitable for use.
Bring in live bands except as allowed by permit.
[Effective 10-10-2005]
[Effective 10-10-2005]
All state, county, and Town police officers have the right to enter the Town park at any time for official purposes. They may arrest and/or remove from the Town park any person violating any state, county, or Town law, or take other appropriate action.
[Revised 4-9-1991; 10-10-2005]
A failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a municipal infraction and will subject the offender to a penalty of $200 per violation. In addition, a violation of this chapter, or any rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter, may cause the revocation or suspension of any permit for use of the Town park.