Village of Whitefish Bay, WI
Milwaukee County
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[Adopted as Sec. 8.03 of the Codification]
[Amended by Ord. No. 1530]
All forms of gambling, lotteries and fraudulent devices and practices are prohibited within the limits of the Village. Any peace officer or policeman of the Village is hereby authorized to seize anything devised solely for gambling or found in actual use for gambling within the Village and to dispose thereof after a judicial determination that said device was used solely for gambling or found in actual use for gambling; provided, however, that the prohibitions of this section shall not apply to any lottery authorized and administered by the State of Wisconsin pursuant to Wis. Stats. Chapter 565; provided, further, that the prohibitions of this subsection shall also not apply to any bingo occasion or raffle authorized and licensed pursuant to Wis. Stats. Chapter 563.
No person shall within the Village loiter or loaf about any public building, place or premises or wander about the streets, alleys, parks or other public places either by day or night, whose actions give rise to a suspicion of wrongdoing and who is unable to give a satisfactory account of himself, or who, having the physical ability to work, is without any visible means of support and does not seek employment, or who derives part of his support from begging, prostitution, pandering, fortune telling or as a similar imposter.
No person shall use indecent, vile, profane or obscene language or conduct himself in any indecent, lewd, lascivious or obscene manner within the Village.