Town of Lyons, NY
Wayne County
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Those portions of the Town of Lyons located within any former boundary of a Village shall be designated Town Center (T-C) District. Such Town Center District shall be further classified into one of the following divisions:
Division 1, comprising the areas containing scattered dwellings, farm buildings, and small businesses and industrial occupancies, wherein the fire hazard is low.
Division 2, comprising the areas containing residential, business, and/or commercial occupancies, or in which such uses are developing, wherein the fire hazard is moderate.
Division 3, comprising the areas containing highly congested business, commercial and/or industrial occupancies, wherein the fire hazard is severe.
The location and boundaries of the Town Center District are hereby established as shown on the Town Center Zoning Map.[1]
Editor's Note: The Town Center Zoning Map is included as an attachment to this chapter.
In order to classify, regulate and restrict the locations of uses and locations of buildings designated for specific areas and to regulate and determine the areas of yards, courts and other open spaces within or surrounding such buildings, the use, height, bulk, and area regulations of the Town Center District are hereby prescribed as follows.[1]
Schedule of Use Regulations. Within the Town Center District, principal permitted uses, permitted accessory uses, special permitted uses, and prohibited uses shall conform to Table 300-5.3A, Schedule of Use Regulations: Town Center District.
Schedule of Area Regulations. All dimensional requirements shall conform to Table 300-5.3B, Schedule of Area Regulations: Town Center District. Where an occupancy, use or activity falls into two or more categories of use, the most restrictive use shall govern.
Editor's Note: The Schedules of Use Regulations and Area Regulations for the Town Center District are included as attachments to this chapter.