Township of Lower Southampton, PA
Bucks County
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[Ord. 558, 9/4/2012]
A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the purposes listed in this section, subject to additional requirements of applicable provisions of this and other Township ordinances.
The following uses are permitted by right:
Use 9
Public or private school
Use 19
Outpatient surgical center
Use 22
Methadone treatment facility
Use 28
Repair shop
Use 31
Indoor commercial entertainment
Use 32
Outdoor commercial recreation
Use 34
Veterinary office
Use 40
Use 48
Emergency services
Use 50
Railway/transportation station
Use 54
Utility operating facility
Use 55
Light manufacturing
Use 56
Research and development facility
Use 57
Wholesale business and storage
Use 58
Use 59
Printing, publishing, binding
Use 60
Contractor offices and shops
Use 61
Carpentry shop
Use 62
Truck terminal
Use 63
Use 65
Standard self storage
Use 66
Indoor self storage
Use 67
Fuel storage and distribution
Use 79
Accessory Drive-Through Facility
The following uses are permitted as a special exception when authorized by the Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with the provisions of Part 23 of this chapter:
[Amended by Ord. 577, 3/22/2017]
Use 33
Adult business
Use 37
Motor vehicle sales
Use 38
Motor vehicle repair garage
Use 44
Limited personal service
Use 45
Private ambulance service
Use 46
Smoke shop/smoking parlour
Use 47A
Medical marijuana dispensary
Use 64
Solid waste facility
The following uses are permitted as conditional uses when authorized by the Board of Supervisors in accordance with the provisions of Part 22 of this chapter:
[Amended by Ord. 575, 9/28/2016]
Use 47B
Medical marijuana grower/processor
Use 51
Public or private parking garage
Use 53
Cellular telecommunications facility
Use 72
Nonresidential accessory building or structure
Use 74
Use 75
Nonresidential wind energy system
Use 77
Solar energy system
Any lawful industrial, commercial or institutional use which is required to be permitted by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and which is not otherwise permitted in other use categories of this chapter may be permitted as a conditional use, provided that the applicant for such conditional use establishes that the proposed use meets the requirements set forth in all other applicable parts of this chapter.
Sales of consumer fireworks from either a permanent facility or temporary structure shall be permitted only by conditional use in the I District subject to compliance with all of the following specific regulations with respect to such use as well as the general provisions regarding the conditional use contained in § 27-2207 of the Code:
[Added by Ord. 583, 5/9/2018]
Such use shall not be located within 1,500 feet of any premises selling alcoholic liquors, alcohol, malt or brewed beverages for consumption on or off the premises.
Such use shall not be located within 1,500 feet of any local or state park, school or child day-care facility, recreational establishment, house of worship, dwelling, hospital, group home or nursing home.
Any structure containing quantities of consumer fireworks as defined herein exceeding 50 pounds shall be no closer than 150 feet to any building, state highway, railway, local street or alley, waterway, or utility right-of-way, including, but not limited to, natural gas lines.
Such use should not be located within 1,500 feet of any premises selling firearms.
All land development plans for construction, use or renovation of an existing building for the purpose of selling fireworks shall be reviewed by the Code Enforcement Officer for compliance with all required fire safety codes, including, but not limited to, the International Fire Code, and his comments and/or report shall be copied to the official Borough-designated fire company.
Sale of fireworks shall be subject to compliance with all of the provisions of Pennsylvania Act 43 of 2017 pertaining to the sale thereof. Hours of operation shall be confined from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Security and site management shall be provided 24 hours per day.
All sales of consumer fireworks shall be conducted only within a facility approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture pursuant to the Pennsylvania Fireworks Law.
All sales of consumer fireworks as defined herein shall be conducted only from a facility exclusively dedicated to the storage and sale of fireworks.
If the facility in which the sales of consumer fireworks are conducted is a temporary structure, it shall comply with the following regulations, in addition to the other regulations set forth in Subsection 3B(1) through (8) above:
The temporary structure is located no closer than 250 feet to a facility storing, selling or dispensing gasoline, propane or other flammable products.
An evacuation plan is posted in a conspicuous location for a temporary structure in accordance with NFPA 1124.
The outdoor storage unit, if any, is separated from the wholesale or retail sales area to which a purchaser may be admitted by appropriately rated fire separation.
The temporary structure complies with NFPA 1124 as it relates to retail sales of consumer fireworks in temporary structures.
The temporary structure is located one of the following distances from a permanent facility licensed to sell consumer fireworks under the Act of May 15, 1939 (P.L. 134, No. 65), referred to as the "Fireworks Law," at the time of the effective date of this article:
Prior to January 1, 2023: at leave five miles.
Beginning January 1, 2023: at least two miles.
The temporary structure does not exceed 2,500 square feet.
The temporary structure is secured at all times during which consumer fireworks are displayed within the structure.
The temporary structure has a minimum of $2,000,000 in public and product liability insurance.
The sales period is limited to June 15 through July 8 and December 21 through January 2 of each year.
Consumer fireworks not on display for retail sale are stored in an outdoor storage unit.
Limitations. The sale of consumer fireworks from the temporary structure is limited to the following:
Helicopter, aerial spinner (APA 87-1,
Roman candle (APA 87-1,
Mine and shell devices not exceeding 500 grams.
Storage of consumer fireworks shall be permitted only as an accessory use to the sale of consumer fireworks on the premises.
The facility from which fireworks are sold, whether permanent or temporary, shall comply with the I-Industrial lot dimensional, area, and parking regulations of the zoning district within which such facility is located, including but not limited to setbacks and buffers.
[Ord. 558, 9/4/2012]
All uses shall comply with the area and dimensional requirements listed in this section, unless a greater area or dimensional requirement is stated in Part 14, Use Regulations, for the specific use; in which case the requirements of Part 14 shall apply.
Minimum lot area. Each lot shall contain an area of not less than one acre, unless a different lot area is required for a specific use; in which case the lot area required by the use regulations shall apply.
Building area. No more than 50% of the area of each lot shall be occupied by buildings.
Maximum impervious surface. No more than 60% of the lot area shall be impervious surfaces.
Front yards: 50 feet minimum measured from the street line.
Side yards: 25 feet minimum for each side yard.
Rear yard: 35 feet.
Buffer yards. Along any residential zoning district boundary line or along any lot line separating a residential use from a nonresidential use, a buffer yard shall be provided which shall be not less than 25 feet in width measured from such boundary line or from the street line where such street constitutes the district boundary line and shall be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Such buffer yards may be conterminous with any required yard in this district, and in case of conflict, the largest yard requirement shall apply. The buffer yard shall be completely planted with a mix of shrubs, trees, ground cover, and may include berms.