Municipality of Bethel Park, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Any drain or conveyance, whether on the surface or subsurface, that allows any nonstormwater discharge, including sewage, process wastewater, and wash water, to enter a regulated MS4 or to enter the surface waters of this commonwealth is prohibited.
No person shall allow, or cause to allow, discharges into a regulated MS4, or discharges into waters of this commonwealth, which are not composed entirely of stormwater, except:
As provided in Section 61.49.3 below; and
Discharges authorized under a state or federal permit.
The following discharges are authorized unless they are determined to be significant contributors to pollution of a regulated MS4 or to the waters of this commonwealth:
Discharges or flows from firefighting activities.
Discharges from potable water sources, including water line flushing and fire hydrant flushing, if such discharges do not contain detectable concentrations of total residual chlorine (TRC).
Noncontaminated irrigation water, water from lawn maintenance, landscape drainage and flows from riparian habitats and wetlands.
Diverted stream flows and springs.
Noncontaminated pumped groundwater and water from foundation and footing drains and crawl space pumps.
Noncontaminated HVAC condensation and water from geothermal systems.
Residential (i.e., not commercial) vehicle wash water where cleaning agents are not utilized.
Noncontaminated hydrostatic test water discharges, if such discharges do not contain detectable concentrations of TRC.
Dechlorinated swimming pool and hot tub discharges, as long as the PADEP guidelines for swimming pool water discharge are followed.
In the event that the Municipality or DEP determines that any of the discharges identified in Section 61.49.3 significantly contribute pollutants to a regulated MS4 or to the waters of this commonwealth, the Municipality or DEP will notify the responsible person(s) to cease the discharge.
Roof drains and sump pumps shall discharge to infiltration or vegetative BMPs wherever feasible.