Town of Westfield, NJ
Union County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[G.O. No. 571, § 1]
As used in this chapter, a "trailer" means any motor vehicle or motor-drawn vehicle, as those terms are defined in and by Title 39:1-1 of the Revised Statutes of New Jersey, which is so designed, constructed, reconstructed or added to by means of portable accessories as will permit the occupancy thereof as a temporary dwelling or sleeping place for one or more persons.
[G.O. No. 1285, § I]
It shall be unlawful, within the Town, for any person to park overnight or permit the parking overnight of any trailer on any public highway, street, alley, park or any other public space. No occupied trailer shall be parked on any site, lot, field, or tract of land within the Town not specifically licensed for the purpose.
[G.O. No. 1285, § II; G.O. No. 1619, § I]
Nothing contained in this chapter shall prohibit the parking, without charge therefor, of not more than one occupied trailer on the premises of any occupied dwelling, or dwelling temporarily unoccupied as a result of a fire or other casualty; provided, that the operator of such trailer, within three days after its arrival, shall make application at the Construction Official's office for a permit, which permit, if granted, shall limit the time of such parking to a period of not longer than four months from the date of application therefor.
No more than one such permit shall be issued to any one occupied trailer owner, operator or occupant in any one twelve-month period, except in cases where the trailer is being used as a temporary residence during reconstruction of a dwelling, located on the same tract of land, rendered uninhabitable as a result of a fire or other casualty, in which event, a single consecutive renewal of four additional months shall be permitted by the Construction Official.
The Town Council may also grant further extensions after the expiration of the original permit and the single four months' extension upon application to it and for good cause shown. Application for such permit shall contain a statement showing the street number or other location of the occupied or formerly occupied dwelling where the occupied trailer is parked or is to be parked, the name of the occupant, or former occupant, in control of such dwelling and his endorsement granting permission for such parking, the name and address of the occupants of such trailer, the license numbers of each unit of such trailer, and the State issuing such license. A copy of such permit shall be posted in or on the trailer for which it was issued in such a manner as to be readily noticeable at all times. It shall be unlawful to occupy such trailer without a permit.
No such permit or renewal thereof shall be issued by the Construction Official's office or the Town Council unless the applicant has complied with the conditions set forth in Section 28-2.2.
An applicant for a permit to maintain an occupied trailer on the premises of an occupied or formerly occupied dwelling shall comply with the following conditions.
Inspection by health department. The applicant shall secure an inspection from the health department of the Town. In order to qualify for a permit such trailer shall be equipped with the following:
A safe supply of potable water.
A sanitary method of disposition of human and kitchen waste.
Garbage or rubbish receptacles of metal or other approved material at or behind the building line.
Inspection by fire prevention officer. The applicant shall secure an inspection from the fire prevention officer of the Town. In order to qualify for a permit such trailer shall be equipped with the following:
A safe and adequate water heating system.
Space heating facilities which are adequate and which are installed and maintained in safe working condition.
An adequate number of unobstructed means of egress.
A minimum of one portable multi-purpose fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 10 pounds. Such extinguisher shall be properly maintained in full operating condition at all times.
A properly installed automatic smoke detector.
Inspection by the construction department. The applicant shall secure an inspection from the construction department of the Town. In order to qualify for a permit such trailer shall be located as follows:
No closer than 10 feet from any permanent structures located on the same lot or adjacent properties.
Before such a permit may be issued, the fire prevention official, Construction Official, and health official shall certify compliance to the Construction Official's office.
[G.O. No. 571, § 3]
If there shall be within the Town a regularly licensed tourist camp, any trailer may be parked at any such camp for an accumulated period not to exceed 90 days in any 12 months period.
[G.O. No. 571, § 4]
All excreta and liquid waste shall be collected in proper receptacles and emptied into suitable sewer connected fixtures. Spilling or draining of any waste water whatsoever upon the ground or upon paved areas is prohibited.
[G.O. No. 571, § 5]
No owner or operator of any trailer shall remove the wheels or tires or cause the same to be removed from any such occupied vehicle parked within the Town, except for the purpose of repair; nor in any manner deflate or cause to be deflated the tires on the wheels of such vehicle, except for the purpose of repair; nor in any manner elevate, block or stabilize such vehicle other than with jacks designed, provided and intended for that purpose.
[G.O. No. 571, § 6]
No trailer parked within the Town shall, at any time, be occupied for sleeping purposes so as to overcrowd such vehicle to exceed the number of persons for which it is designed and arranged.