City of Marceline, MO
Linn County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2003 § 130.010; Ord. No. 4.105 §§ 1 — 7, 8-15-1989]
The City shall plan its income and expenditures upon an annual basis and the period covered by such annual plan of the City. The fiscal year of the City shall begin on the first day of November of each year and shall end on the last day of October of the following year.
On or before the first day of October of each year, the City Manager shall submit to the Council his/her recommendation in detailed words and figures for the annual budget to be adopted for the forthcoming fiscal year. The Council shall approve such budget as submitted or require such alterations, addition or deletion as it shall deem advisable by the signature thereon of the Mayor, attested by the City Clerk, and the approval of the budget so identified shall be evidenced by motion duly entered on the minutes of the Council.
No expenditure of City funds shall be made except in conformity with the facts, figures and plans set out and established by the annual budget then in effect, unless and until the Council shall find and declare that an emergency exists which requires deviation from the budget in the interest of the City. Such a determination may be established by motion passed by affirmative vote of three (3) Councilmen and duly recorded in the minutes.
All expenditures of City funds shall be made upon warrant or voucher check directed to the City Manager, which shall be signed by the City Manager or, in the case of his/her temporary absence, by the Mayor or, in the case of his/her temporary absence or disability, by the Mayor Pro Tem, and by the City Clerk or acting City Clerk, provided that no warrant or voucher check shall be drawn or executed unless funds for payment thereof shall be available. Upon presentation of such voucher check or warrant, properly endorsed, the City Manager shall honor the same and exchange credit, cash, or draft therefor as the holder shall direct.
There shall be established upon the books and records of the City such separate accounts as shall be necessary to separate and keep unmingled any and all funds received by or held by the City under any circumstances whereby the use of such funds is limited or determined. No funds shall be exchanged from one (1) account to another except by motion of the Council or to correct a patent error or as a result of established charges against any fund as a regular procedure of keeping proper account, and provided that in no event shall any funds be expended from any account in violation of any law of the State or any contractual obligation of the City.
The books of the City shall be audited at such times as the Council shall direct and by auditors selected by the Council, provided that such audit shall be accomplished not less than once during any two (2) consecutive fiscal years.
The Council of any City operating under Sections 78.430 to 78.640, RSMo., shall cause the City Manager to prepare and file with the Council monthly itemized statement of receipts and expenditures of the City and a summary of the business transacted for the month preceding; and every three (3) months the unpublished reports shall be published in pamphlet form and printed copies thereof shall be furnished the City library, the various newspapers of the City and citizens applying therefor at the office of the City Clerk.
[R.O. 2003 § 130.020; Ord. No. 3.302 § 1, 10-27-1979]
The City Manager and the City Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to invest any surplus funds of the City in any investment, not prohibited by State or Federal law, and to make due report of any funds so invested to the City Council.
[Ord. No. 21-03.03, 3-16-2021]
A two and one-half percent (2.5%) fee for the for the processing of credit card payments shall be assessed for each credit card payment with the exception of payments for utility bills.
The credit card processing fee is effective to applicable transactions on May 1, 2021.
[Ord. No. 21-03.03, 3-16-2021]
The fee for the processing of online and telephone system (IVR) credit card payments shall be assessed for each credit card payment except for those payments for utility bills. The fees are as follows:
One dollar twenty-five cents ($1.25) per transaction fee for online or telephone system (IVR) credit card payment for all transactions except for utility billing and real estate/property tax payments.
Three dollars fifty cents ($3.50) per transaction fee for online or telephone (IVR) credit card payments for real estate and personal property tax payments.
These processing fees are effective to applicable transactions on May 1, 2021.