Town of Macedon, NY
Wayne County
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For brevity and ease of communication, this chapter may be cited as the "Sewer Use Law of the Gananda Sewer District of the Town of Macedon, New York."
The general purpose of this chapter is to provide for efficient, economic, environmentally safe and legal operation of the sewer system of the Gananda Sewer District.
The specific purposes of this chapter are as follows:
To prevent the introduction of substances into the publicly owned treatment works (POTW) that will:
Interfere with the POTW in any way.
Pass through the POTW to the state's waters and cause contravention of standards for those waters or cause violation of the POTW's State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit.
Increase the cost or otherwise hamper the disposal of POTW sludge and/or residuals.
Endanger municipal employees.
Cause air pollution or groundwater pollution, directly or indirectly.
Cause, directly or indirectly, any public nuisance condition.
To prevent new sources of infiltration and inflow and, as much as possible, eliminate existing sources of infiltration and inflow.
To ensure that new sewers and connections are properly constructed.
To provide for equitable distribution to all users of the POTW of all costs associated with sewage transmission, treatment and residuals disposal and to provide for the collection of such costs.