Village of Oakwood, IL
Vermilion County
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The minor subdivision review and approval process is intended to expedite and to minimize public and private costs for the review of subdivisions which have little or no required public improvements, which will not violate the Village comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance or other applicable regulations, and thus which do not require the Planning Commission and the Village Board of Trustees to make policy decisions.
The owner shall submit an application for minor subdivision approval to the Village Superintendent of Public Works on forms provided by the Village. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:
The original of a final plat which conforms to the normal final plat requirements set forth in § 242-18 and five full-size copies of the final plat plus one electronic (.pdf) copy;
The original signed and notarized owner's certificate which shall include any and all covenants, if any, affecting the subdivision in the form generally set forth in § 242-18;
The original signed and sealed County Clerk's certificate that taxes are paid in accordance with statutory requirements;
Reports from 1) The Vermilion County Soil and Water conservation district, 2) The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) with regard to endangered species issues and wetlands issues; 3) The United States Army Corps of Engineers and IDNR with regard to flood plain encroachment issues; and 4) The Illinois Historic Preservation agency with regard to archeological and historical preservation issues, for adherence to existing statutory requirements;
An application fee in the amount as established from time to time;
A drainage statement signed by the owner and the owner's Illinois-registered professional engineer in the form prescribed in § 242-13B(1)(e)[4]. A complete subsidiary drainage plat may not be required;
Evidence indicating that one copy of the final plat has been mailed to each of the utility companies, and to all public or quasi-public agencies affected by the proposed subdivision. The mailing documents must indicate that written comments be submitted to the Village not later than 14 days thereafter, and that no comment in the time specified shall be deemed no adverse comment.
Five copies and one electronic (.pdf) copy of a sketch drawing depicting the location of any existing buildings, structures or manmade features, and drainage details, on the proposed minor subdivision at a scale not less than one inch equals 100 feet. The sketch drawing shall be of sufficient detail to verify compliance with applicable zoning requirements;
List of waivers or deferrals requested, if any.
The application fee and all required documents must be submitted to the Village Superintendent of Public Works who will distribute the documents to the administrative review committee. The review and approval decision shall be completed no later than 20 calendar days after submission of all required documentation. Approval must be given by at least three of the four members of the administrative review committee. Each approving member of the administrative review committee shall sign the plat indicating approval. Failure of any approving signatures to appear on the face of the plat shall constitute plat denial. The Village Clerk shall also indicate approval of the plat by permanently placing the official seal of the Village on the face of the plat. The Village Clerk shall also indicate approval of the plat by permanently placing the official seal of the Village on the face of the plat. Approval must include affirmative findings that:
All public improvements, with the exception of utility service connections and/or sidewalks, exist at the subdivision site, or sufficient evidence has been considered to grant a waiver or deferral of required construction or upgrade of existing or proposed public improvements to serve the site;
The proposed development will not:
Make any existing or proposed lot size or structure location and/or use nonconforming;
Either impede access to, or the extension of utilities to, any remainder of the development or to adjoining land;
Conflict with the Village official comprehensive plan; or
Violate any existing Village zoning ordinance or any existing Vermilion County zoning ordinance, if applicable;
All required documents, fees and data have been submitted and are in proper form and correct content;
All statutorily required approvals from other governmental agencies have been received, including approval by the Illinois Department of Transportation if the subdivision is located adjacent to a state maintained highway;
The proposed subdivision meets the criteria established for designation as a minor subdivision.
The Administrative Review Committee shall notify the applicant in writing of the outcome of the review, and furnish reasons or evidence for denial or approval.
The following certificate shall appear on the final plat:
Approval of this minor subdivision final plat is hereby granted under the authority of the President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Oakwood. This plat shall be recorded with the Recorder of Deeds of Vermilion County, Illinois, within one year of this date, otherwise this plat shall become VOID.
_______________ President, Oakwood Board of Trustees
_____ Date
_______________ Oakwood Village Attorney
_____ Date
_______________ Oakwood Village Superintendent of Public Works
_____ Date
_______________ Oakwood Village Engineer
_____ Date
After approval of the final plat for a minor subdivision, the final plat may be recorded by the subdivider with the recorder of deeds, Vermilion County, Illinois, within one year of the date of approval; otherwise, the final plat and approval shall become void.
The applicant may appeal the decision of the Administrative Review Committee to deny a proposed minor subdivision plat to the Village Planning Commission within 15 days of the Administrative Review Committee's written notification of their decision to deny. Such request for appeal shall be made in writing to the Village Superintendent of Public Works. Following such written request for appeal, the Village Superintendent of Public Works shall schedule the appeal request before the Planning Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Planning Commission shall recommend to approve or deny the plat, in accordance with the requirements of this chapter, and shall forward their recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees for consideration at their next regularly scheduled meeting. The Board of Trustees shall approve or deny the minor subdivision plat in accordance with the requirements for a final plat, as set forth in § 242-20.