City of Gardner, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
For the purpose of this chapter, the City of Gardner is hereby divided into the following types of districts:
Full Title
Single-Family Residential 1
Rural Residential 2
General Residential 3
Commercial 1
Commercial 2
Industrial 1
Industrial 2
Floodplain Districts
Ground Water Protection Overlay District
Surface Water Protection Overlay District
Development Overlay District 1
Mill Street Corridor Development Overlay District
Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Solar PV Overlay District
Smart Growth PUD
Said districts are located and bounded as shown on a map titled "Zoning Map of Gardner, Massachusetts," scale one-inch equals 1,000 feet, as most recently updated and on file in the office of the City Clerk, City Engineer's office and Department of Community Development and Planning, as amended. The Zoning Map with all explanatory matters thereon is hereby made a part of this chapter. For amendments to the Zoning Map, see the Table of Zoning Map Amendments included at the end of this chapter.
Where a boundary is shown as following a street, railroad, or utility, the boundary shall be the center line thereof unless otherwise indicated.
Where a boundary is shown outside a street, railroad, or utility and approximately parallel to the nearest line thereof, the figure placed on the Zoning Map between the boundary and such line shall be the distance in feet between them, as measured at a right angle from such line unless otherwise indicated.
Where a boundary is shown as following a watercourse, the boundary shall coincide with the center line thereof as said line existed at the date of the Zoning Map.
Where the location of a boundary line is otherwise uncertain, the Building Commissioner shall determine its position in accordance with the distance in feet from other lines as given or as measured from the scale of the map.
Where a district boundary line divides a lot, the regulations applying to the portion of such lot in the less restricted district may be considered as extending not more than 50 feet into the more restricted portion, but only if the lot has frontage on a street in the less restricted district.