Borough of Bogota, NJ
Bergen County
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Refer also to the Land Development Ordinance.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S1]
No person shall post bills or erect, maintain or use billboards, signs or banners in or upon the streets of the borough, except as hereinafter permitted.
No person shall post any bills or erect, maintain or use any billboard or banner in front of or upon any premises, unless the consent of the owner of such premises is first obtained and a license is granted by the borough council.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S1]
No billboard license shall be granted unless the person applying therefore shall first file with the borough clerk an application in writing accompanied by the consent of the owner of the premises in front of or upon which the billboard is to be erected, stating the proposed size, height, location, position and materials of the billboard. Every billboard shall have conspicuously painted upon it the name of the person or corporation owning it and to whom a license has been issued for the same, and no person or company shall post any bill or place any advertisement upon any such board except the licensed owner or authorized agents. No license shall be granted until the construction official shall have approved the application.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S1]
The construction official shall only approve the application when satisfied that the proposed billboard will be erected so as not to constitute a menace to public safety, and any license granted hereunder shall be revoked when the construction official advises the borough clerk that any billboard is or has become unsafe, and a menace to public safety.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S1]
Any billboard now existing or hereafter erected shall be removed or rebuilt within ten (10) days after notice by the construction official to the owner thereof that the same is unsafe and condemned.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S1]
No sign shall be hung or permitted to hang over the sidewalk on any public street except with the consent of the borough council, which shall be revocable at any time.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S2; Ord. #897, SVI]
There shall be charged to each person engaged in or conducting the business of bill posting, signboard painting or erecting billboards an annual license tax for revenue, of one hundred ($100.00) dollars. This license tax shall be paid to the borough clerk before such business is engaged in or conducted by each person liable thereto, and the license shall expire on December 31 following the issuance of the license.
There shall be paid to the borough clerk with the application to erect a billboard or sign as to each billboard or sign now erected, a fee of five ($5.00) dollars to cove the expense of inspection and to raise revenue.
[Ord. 4/21/27, S2]
This chapter shall not apply to signs advertising the property upon which the same are erected for sale or rent when such signs do not exceed ten (10) square feet in area.
No advertising banner shall be hung over any street or public place except for a period of not exceeding thirty (30) days and after the issuance of a license therefore by the borough clerk upon payment of a fee of five ($5.00) dollars, which license shall only be issued with the consent of the borough council. Licenses may be issued to bill posters by the borough clerk upon payment of the license fee.