Town of Fishkill, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
For the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the community, the Town Board of the Town of Fishkill, County of Dutchess and State of New York, under the authority granted by § 261 of the Town Law and in accordance with the procedures in § 264 of the Town Law and § 239-m of the General Municipal Law, hereby adopts this chapter in furtherance of the adopted Town Comprehensive Plan and to promote the purposes set forth in § 263 of the Town Law, including the following:
To guide the future development of the Town in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan designed to represent and promote the most beneficial and convenient relationship among the residential, commercial, industrial and public areas of the Town, considering the suitability of each area for such uses as indicated by existing conditions, trends and development and changing modes in living, and having due regard for the use of land, building development and social, cultural and economic activity both within the Town and with respect to the relationship of the Town to areas outside thereof.
To secure safety from fire, flood, panic and other dangers.
To provide adequate light, air and privacy.
To prevent overcrowding of the land and undue congestion of population.
To promote the most beneficial relation between the use of land and buildings and the circulation of vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic throughout the Town, having particular regard to the avoidance of congestion of streets and provision of safe and convenient vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic movement appropriate to the various uses of land and buildings throughout the Town.
To facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, schools, parks and other public requirements.
To protect and conserve the value of land and buildings and the social and economic stability of all parts of the Town.
To prevent the pollution of watercourses and wetlands; to safeguard the water table; to avoid hazardous conditions and excessive damage resulting from stormwater runoff and flooding; and to encourage the appropriate use and sound management of natural resources throughout the Town.
To preserve the natural beauty of the physiography of the Town; to protect the Town against unsightly, obtrusive and obnoxious land uses and operations; to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the natural and man-made elements of the Town; and to ensure appropriate development with regard to those elements.
To promote the preservation of the existing historic character of the Town and to encourage the development of uses which would add to or be in harmony with this character.
To provide adequate and suitably located areas for recreation activities.
To bring about the gradual conformity of the uses of land and buildings throughout the Town to the adopted Town Comprehensive Plan and to minimize conflicts among the uses of land and buildings.
The Town of Fishkill has adopted, pursuant to Chapter 149, Greenway Compact, of the Town Code, Greenway Connections: Greenway Compact Program and Guides for Dutchess County Communities, as amended from time to time pursuant to § 149-2 of the Town Code, as a statement of land use policies, principles, and guides to supplement other established land use policies in the Town. In exercising its discretionary actions under Chapter 150 of the Town Code, any reviewing agency should take into consideration said statement of policies, principles and guides, as appropriate.