Township of Maurice River, NJ
Cumberland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 319 § 1]
This section shall be known and may be cited by the short form title "The Maurice River Township Campground Regulation Ordinance."
[Ord. No. 319 § 2]
As used in this chapter:
Shall mean an area used for recreational or social purposes and providing temporary accommodations for the parking or location of camp trailers, camp vehicles, tents and other like temporary living facilities and including accessory uses reasonably related thereto.
[Ord. No. 319 § 3]
No person shall construct, alter, maintain or operate a campground within the Township until he has first obtained a valid license therefor, which shall have been authorized by the Township Committee and issued by the Township Clerk. The license shall not be issued until the provisions of this chapter have been complied with by the owner/applicant.
[Ord. No. 319 § 4]
The license to construct, alter, maintain and operate a campground in the Township, shall be issued for a period of one (1) year and shall expire annually on the anniversary date of issuance. No license shall be transferable without the consent of the Township Committee. The license shall be applied for by written application filed with the Township Clerk. The application shall set forth the full name and address of the owner/applicant, the location of the premises to be used as a campground, the total area of the ground space to be used as a campground, the total number of campsites provided and the nature of the campsites.
[Ord. No. 319 § 5]
The Township Committee may suspend or revoke a license for a campground issued under the terms of this chapter for failure to comply with the terms hereof or with any other pertinent local, County or State law, ordinance, rule or regulation, provided a public hearing shall first be held on ten (10) days written notice to the holder of the license.
[Ord. No. 319 § 6]
The following fees and charges are herewith established for campgrounds:
For the first application for campground license: $30.0
For renewal application for campground license: $15.
For issuance or original license or any renewal license for a one (1) year term the fee shall be based on the total number of campsites existing at the campground at the rate of two ($2.00) dollars per campsite with a minimum fee of fifty ($50.00) dollars and a maximum fee of one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars per year.
[Ord. No. 319 § 7]
All campgrounds that are proposed shall comply with all terms of the Development Regulations Ordinance before the Township Committee will consider an application for a campground license under the terms of this chapter.
[Ord. No. 310 § 8]
All campgrounds must have a minimum of at least five (5) acres.
[Ord. No. 319 § 9]
Campgrounds shall provide bathroom facilities connected to properly approved systems for on-site disposal in accordance with the regulations of the local Board of Health and the State of New Jersey.
[Ord. No. 319 § 10]
All campgrounds shall provide potable water through properly approved systems on site.
[Ord. No. 319 § 11]
No permanent occupancy of a camper type vehicle, mobile home, motor home, tent or campsite at a campground shall be permitted.
[Ord. No. 319 § 12]
Accessory uses permissible at a campground shall include the following: general store, restaurant, snack bar, swimming pool, recreation fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and similar outdoor recreational facilities and a general meeting hall or recreation hall.
[Ord. No. 319 § 13]
All campgrounds shall also be subject to all applicable rules and regulations of the local Board of Health, County Board of Health, the State of New Jersey, Department of Health and the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection.
[Ord. No. 319 § 14; New]
Any persons, firm or corporation who shall violate any terms or provisions of this chapter, shall upon conviction thereof, be subject to the penalty as stated in Chapter 1, Section 1-5 with a minimum established of one ($100.00) dollars. Each violation of any provision of this chapter or any law or any rule or regulation of the local Board of Health or the New Jersey State Department of Health, shall constitute a separate offense.