Borough of Roselle Park, NJ
Union County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
For the purpose of this chapter, the following words, phrases, names and terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:
Shall mean acceptable to the Health authority based upon conformance with appropriate standards and good public health practice.
Shall mean readily accessible and of such material and finish, and so fabricated that the area may be completely cleaned by normal cleaning methods.
Shall mean the duly licensed agent(s) of the Roselle Park Board of Health to act in the enforcement of its ordinances and sanitary laws of the State.
Shall mean an individual, or a firm, partnership, company, corporation, trustee, association, or any public, private or other legal entity.
Shall mean the individual present in a facility who is the apparent supervisor of the facility at the time of the inspection or who is so identified by the facility as the individual responsible for the operation of the facility.
Shall mean any club providing exercise equipment for patron use, a common area for fitness programs, or other services, which are advertised to the public for the purposes of providing a program of good health for a fee.
Shall mean effective bactericidal treatment of cleaned surfaces of equipment or surfaces by a process, which has been approved by the Health Authority as being effective in destroying microorganisms, including pathogens.
Each health club facility shall be required to obtain a Board of Health license to operate in conformance with the provisions of this chapter, and subject to suspension or revocation of the license for failure to comply with the provisions herein.
The fee for a license to operate shall be seventy-five ($75.00) dollars per year renewable each December 31. Licenses applied for after July 1 shall be one-half (1/2) the pro-rated amount.
All areas of the facility shall be kept clean and in good repair.
All exercise equipment utilizing padded surfaces shall be covered with nonabsorbent easily cleanable material (i.e. vinyl, etc.) in good condition and free from any rips or tears in the covering.
All contact surfaces of exercise equipment shall be sanitized on a daily basis or on a frequency level approved by the Health Authority.
All toilet facilities shall be installed in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:23-1 New Jersey Uniform Construction Code. Water closets and urinals shall be of a sanitary design and be cleanable. Toilet facilities, including toilet rooms and fixtures, shall be kept clean and in good repair, and free of objectionable odors. A supply of toilet tissue, hand soap, and hand towels shall be provided at all times. Easily cleanable waste receptacles with lids shall be in each toilet room.
All locker rooms shall be kept clean and free from all garbage, litter and dust.
All shower areas shall be kept clean, and in good repair. All wall and floor areas shall be free from soap scum, mildew and mold.
All steam rooms shall be kept clean and in good repair. All wall, floor and seating areas shall be kept free from, mildew and mold.
Any on-site swimming pool and/or hot tub shall be operated and maintained in accordance with Chapter IX of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code and be licensed by the Borough of Roselle Park.
Any on-site retail food operations shall be operated and maintained in accordance with Chapter XII of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code and be licensed by the Borough of Roselle Park.
Walking, driving, and all other exterior areas of the facility shall be kept free of debris, litter, and garbage.
Garbage and refuse containers, dumpsters and compactor systems located outside shall be located on or above a smooth surface of nonabsorbent material such as concrete that is kept clean and maintained in good repair. The refuse area shall meet all other design requirements as specified by the Roselle Park Planning and Zoning Officials. There shall be a sufficient number of sized containers to hold all garbage and refuse. All containers shall have tight fitting lids. Storage areas shall be kept clean and not constitute a nuisance.
Effective control measures shall be utilized to eliminate the presence of rodents, flies, roaches, and other vermin within the establishment.
Notice of violation shall be deemed sufficient if it shall have been served either personally (verbally), or by notice through the United States mail sent by first class mail and not returned undeliverable to the address, either business or residential, of the individuals identified in violation.
Any individuals found guilty after a hearing before the Municipal Court Judge after having been served notice as provided for under Section BH9-4, Notice of Violation, herein shall be subject to the following penalties:
First Offense. A fine of not less than five ($5.00) dollars per day of each offense and not more than five hundred ($500.00) dollars per day of each offense.
Second Offense. A fine of not less than fifty ($50.00) dollars per day of each offense and not more than one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars per day of each offense.