Township of West Caldwell, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1993 Code § 236-1; New]
The construction, installation maintenance and operation of incinerators is regulated by state or federal law, codes, rules and regulations. Inspections, when required by the township, shall be made by the Board of Health or their designated agency.
[1993 Code § 236-3]
All owners of property along the lines of any sewers in the township shall within 90 days connect their houses and other buildings with the sewer adjoining the property upon notice from the Board of Health to make the connections. A notice served by delivering the same to the owner of the property or by leaving the same at the residence of the owner with a member of the family above the age of 14 years and explaining the contents thereof or, in case of a nonresident owner, by serving the same upon the resident agent, if any, or by mailing the same by registered mail to the owner's last known post office address shall be deemed a legal notice.
[1993 Code § 236-4]
No person shall conduct a rummage sale or a sale for secondhand or used clothing or bedding without a written permit from the Health Officer. The permit shall be issued only after the clothing, bedding, etc., have been washed, boiled or disinfected to the satisfaction of the Health Officer. No articles from any house that has held a case of communicable disease shall be offered for sale.
[1993 Code § 236-5A]
No person shall own, possess, harbor or have in custody any dog over six months of age unless the dog has been vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian, the vaccination to consist of one injection of not less than five cubic centimeters of antirabies vaccine of standard and accepted formula and manufactured under a license of the United States Bureau of Animal Husbandry of the Department of Agriculture. Vaccinations shall be repeated at least once during every three years; provided, however, that where inoculations may be dangerous to any dog by reason of age or illness, such inoculation may be excused for a period of six months only upon the filing of a certificate from a licensed veterinarian, certifying that such inoculation is harmful to the dog.
[1993 Code § 236-5B]
The Board of Health may annually, during a period of not less than two weeks, to be designated by it, make available to all owners of dogs within the township free inoculation of dogs from rabies and shall provide the necessary serum and furnish a duly licensed veterinarian to perform inoculations. The cost and expense shall be certified to the Mayor and Council and paid out of the funds received from dog license fees.
[1993 Code § 236-5C]
The person owning, harboring, possessing or having custody of any dog shall obtain from a veterinarian who inoculates any dog against rabies a certificate that can be presented to the township as proof that the dog has been immunized.