Borough of Highlands, NJ
Monmouth County
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[The power to make rules and regulations governing the use of beaches is part of the general police power granted by R.S. 40:48.1, 2.]
The following rules and regulations for the government, use, maintenance and policing of the borough bathing beaches located at Snug Harbor Beach, Miller Street Beach and South Bay Avenue Beach, shall be effective as of July 26, 1966.
Editor's Note: Former sections 13-2, Registration; 13-3, Borough Authorization; 13-4, Transferability of Badges and 13-5, Compliance with Rules, previously codified herein, were repealed in their entirety by Ordinance No. O-06-12.
The mayor and council is hereby authorized and empowered by resolution to adopt such other rules and regulations as may be necessary for the proper control, use, maintenance and policing of the beaches.
No person shall:
Bathe from the beaches except within the protected areas where ropes, boats and lifeguards are provided and only at such times as the lifeguards are on duty.
Play baseball or engage in any ball playing at the bathing beaches during bathing hours.
Disrobe, dress or undress on the beaches.
Throw any bottles, cans, paper or other refuse upon the borough beaches and all such refuse shall be placed in containers provided therefor.
Permit his dog on the borough beaches or public walk.
Permit fires on the beaches without a permit, in writing, from the borough representative.
Peddle, vend, sell, distribute or offer for sale, any goods, wares or merchandise on the borough beaches or the public walk on the beaches.
Solicit any business on the public walk or borough beaches.
Sell or distribute any leaflets, circulars, pamphlets or other printed matter upon the borough beaches or on the public walks.
Use or tamper with any boat or other lifeguard equipment except in case of emergency, without permission of the beach manager.
Engage in surf fishing in the bathing areas during bathing hours.
Bring or consume any intoxicating liquors on the public walk or borough beachfront.
Take or haul any beach sand or soil from the borough beaches.
Launch a boat, haul a boat or trailer and no repairs or storage of boats shall be permitted on borough beaches.
Lifeguards shall be maintained on duty at the bathing beaches now or hereafter established during the bathing hours between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The lifeguards shall have full police power and have full charge and supervision of the bathing at the respective beach where they are stationed.