City of Weatherford, OK
Custer County
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In the construction of this Code of Ordinances and of all subsequent ordinances and resolutions passed by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Weatherford, Oklahoma, the following rules shall be observed, unless such construction would be inconsistent with the manifest intent of the Board.
CHIEF OF POLICE or the POLICE CHIEF – Shall mean the Chief of Police or the police officer in charge of the police force of the City of Weatherford.
CITY, the TOWN, or the MUNICIPALITY – Shall mean the City of Weatherford.
CITY ATTORNEY, the TOWN ATTORNEY or the MUNICIPAL ATTORNEY – Shall mean the City Attorney of the City of Weatherford.
CITY CLERK, or the CLERK OF THE MUNICIPALITY – Shall mean the City Clerk/Treasurer of the City of Weatherford.
CITY COUNCIL, COUNCIL, BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS or BOARD – Shall mean the Governing Body of the City of Weatherford.
CITY TREASURER, or the TREASURER – Shall mean the City Treasurer of the City of Weatherford.
THIS CODE or THE CODE – Shall mean the Code of Ordinances of the City of Weatherford.
Computation of Time. Whenever notice is required to be given (or an act to be done) a certain length of time before any proceeding shall be had, the day on which such notice is given (or such act is done) shall be included in computing the time, but the day on which such proceeding is to be had, shall be excluded.
COUNTY, THE COUNTY or THIS COUNTY – Shall mean Custer County, Oklahoma.
COURT – Shall mean the Municipal Court of the City of Weatherford.
Gender. A word importing the masculine gender only shall extend, and be applied to, females, firms, partnerships and corporations, as well as to males.
HEALTH OFFICER or the HEALTH DEPARTMENT – Shall be construed as meaning the County Sanitarian or County Health Department, unless specific reference is made to the appointed Health Officer of the City of Weatherford.
HIGHWAY – Shall include any street, alley, highway, avenue, public place, square, bridge, underpass or overpass in the City of Weatherford, dedicated or devoted to public use.
Joint Authority. Words purporting to give authority to three or more officers or other persons, shall be construed as giving such authority to a majority of such officers or other persons, unless it is otherwise declared.
JUDGE – Shall mean the Judge of the Municipal Court of the City of Weatherford, including the Acting Judge and/or Alternate Judge thereof, as provided by Oklahoma Statutes and this Code of Ordinances.
JUDICIAL DISTRICT – Shall mean the District Court and/or Judicial District of the State of Oklahoma, wherein the sites of government of the City of Weatherford is situated.
MANAGER – Shall mean the City Administrator.
The word MAY is permissive; the word SHALL is mandatory.
MAYOR – Shall mean the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Weatherford.
MONTH – Shall mean a calendar month.
Number. Any word importing the singular number shall include the plural and any word importing the plural number shall include the singular, except where a contrary intention plainly appears.
OATH – Shall be construed to include an affirmation in all cases in which, by law, an affirmation may be substituted for an oath; in such cases, the words "swear" and "sworn" shall be equivalent to the words "affirm" and "affirmed."
OFFICERS, DEPARTMENTS, ETC. – Whenever any officer, department, board, commission or other agency is referred to by title alone, such reference shall be construed as if followed by the words "of the City of Weatherford."
The word OR may be read AND; the word AND may be read OR, if the sense requires it.
OWNER – When applied to a building or land, shall include any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, tenant in partnership, joint tenant or tenant by the entirety, of the whole or of a part of such building or land.
PERSON – Shall extend, and be applied to, associations, corporations, firms, partnerships and bodies politic and corporate, as well as to individuals. Whenever used with respect to any penalty, the word "person," as applied to partnerships or associations, shall mean the partners or members thereof, and as applied to corporations, the officers thereof.
POLICEMAN – Shall mean the Chief of Police or any police officer of the City of Weatherford.
The words PRECEDING or FOLLOWING – Mean next before and next after, respectively.
ROADWAY – Shall mean that portion of a street improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic.
SIDEWALK – Shall mean any portion of the street right-of-way between the curb (or lateral line of the roadway) and the adjacent property line, intended for the use of pedestrians.
SIGNATURE or SUBSCRIPTION – Shall include a mark when a person cannot write.
STATE, THE STATE or THIS STATE – Shall be construed to mean the State of Oklahoma.
STATUTORY REFERENCE – Reference to the Statutes of the State of Oklahoma means the Statutes as they now are or as they may be amended to be; a reference to the 1991 Statutes also means the comparable provision when included in future codification or supplement of said Statutes.
STREET – Shall include any highway, alley, street, avenue, public place, underpass or overpass in the city, dedicated or devoted to public use.
Tense. Words used in the past or present tense shall include the future, as well as the past and present.
The term WRITTEN or IN WRITING – Shall be construed to include any representation of words, letters or figures, whether by printing or otherwise.
YEAR – Shall mean a calendar year.
Reference: Title 25, 1991 O.S., Section 1 et seq.