Town of Bedford, NH
Hillsborough County
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All buildings and structures of assembly, mercantile, business, educational, storage, health care, industrial and multifamily residential with common exits (whether existing on the date of adoption of this chapter or which may exist in the future) and/or have a monitored fire alarm system shall have a key depository lock box installed and paid for by the property owner. The type/style of Knox-Box® and the location shall be approved by the Fire Chief or designee.
"New construction" shall refer to either the construction of new structures or the reconstruction of existing structures destroyed or damaged to such an extent as to be unsuitable or unsafe for human residence, elevating, relocating, or where cumulative remodeling is equal to or greater than 50% of the area of the existing building.
Installations. The installation, required keys and list of emergency contacts shall be in place prior to occupancy. The owner shall notify the Fire Department whenever locks, keys and/or emergency contacts are to be changed.
Parking in or obstructing fire lanes. It shall be unlawful to park a motor vehicle on or otherwise obstruct fire lanes at any time.
Marking of fire lanes on private property. The Chief of the Fire Department or his designee shall approve the marking of fire lanes on private property devoted to public use.
Violations and penalties. Anyone who violates the provisions of § 130-18 shall be fined not more than $25, and any vehicle parking in violation of § 130-18 may be towed by the Chief of Police or Chief of the Fire Department or their agents or by independent contractors engaged by the Fire Chief or Police Chief or their agents. Any vehicles so towed shall be stored and released to the owner only upon payment of the cost of towing.
Access to gated communities and individual properties. The Fire Department shall have the authority to require Fire Department access to gated private property through the use of an approved device or system. Two separate means of opening an automated gate by emergency personnel are required.
Access maintenance. The owner or occupant of a structure or area with the required Fire Department access shall notify the Fire Department whenever the required access is modified in such a manner as to prevent Fire Department access.