Township of Tabernacle, NJ
Burlington County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. #1967-5, § 1]
The following matters and things are hereby found, determined, declared and recited as the basis of this section.
The success of "leisure" villages and other permanent housing restricted to senior citizens is deemed to be evidence that senior citizens form a definite class in respect to provisions of housing.
There are many senior citizens who either cannot afford or do not desire to live in senior citizen communities composed of permanent housing but for whom the opportunity to live in mobile homes at a mobile home park restricted to senior citizens would meet a public need and be conducive to their welfare.
There are no senior citizen mobile home parks within reasonable proximity to this Township.
The Township of Tabernacle, with its rural setting and proximity to metropolitan areas, contains within its boundaries ideal locations for such a senior citizen mobile home park.
One such park would be sufficient to meet any present or future anticipated needs for such a park in this Township and would be preferable both from the facilities it could afford to patrons and from a municipal administrative standpoint than several parks.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 2]
The following definitions are in addition to those listed in Section 2 of Chapter 9 "Mobile Home Parks" of "The New Jersey State Sanitary Code" established pursuant to N.J.S.A 26:1A-7, hereinafter referred to as the "Mobile Home Park Code."
A person of either sex of the age of 55 years or over.
A mobile home park licensed under this section, with its patrons and inhabitants restricted to senior citizens.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 4]
The Township Committee is hereby authorized to license not more than one senior citizens mobile home park, within the Township and there shall be no more than one such license outstanding at any one time.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 5]
Applications for a senior citizen mobile home park license shall be made in writing to the Township Committee and shall be accompanied by a plan of the mobile home park showing the bounds of the ground to be licensed, the number of spaces, all bounding streets, and the location in reference to tax map, lot and block. It shall also show existing trees and proposed landscaping as well as exits and entrances and in addition, sufficient information to show compliance with the State "Mobile Home Park Code" and this section.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 6]
No license shall be issued by the Committee unless appropriate landscaping will be provided, and the exits and entrances to the mobile home park are such as to present no traffic hazard and, where necessary, to avoid annoyance to surrounding residents the mobile home park will be screened from public view by adequate planting and unless the mobile home park will present a neat and orderly appearance, present no drainage problems or be adverse to the health, safety or welfare of its residents or of the public.
No license shall be issued until the application has been referred to the local Board of Health for study and certification that the park complies with the Mobile Home Park Code and approval of the water supply and sewerage disposal systems has been received from the proper State or local agency.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 7]
Every license shall expire on December 31 of the year in which issued, and the application for renewal shall be filed prior to December 15 of each year and shall certify that there has been no change in the information on the original license or park plan since the date of the original license, except such as has been previously approved in writing as hereinafter provided.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 8; Ord. #2002-8, § 1
There shall be charged and collected for each such license so issued an annual fee as established in Schedule F[1] and in addition, the licensee shall also pay to the Township Clerk on or before the third day of each month the sum as established in Schedule F[2] per month for each space so licensed and occupied during any portion of the preceding month. Any licensee failing to pay said fee, at the time the said fee is due shall in addition thereto, pay the sum of twenty-five ($.25) cents per day for each $3 or fraction thereof of said license fees due. No part of said fees shall be prorated.
Editor's Note: Schedule F, referred to herein, may be found in Appendix A, Fee Schedule.
Editor's Note: Schedule F, referred to herein, may be found in Appendix A, Fee Schedule.
Any such license so issued may be suspended or revoked by the Township Committee after notice and hearing for nonpayment of fees or for any other violation of this section or noncompliance with the State "Mobile Home Park Code."
No person shall be permitted to occupy a mobile home at a licensed senior citizen mobile home park who is not a senior citizen within the definition of this section. (Ord. #1967-5, § 9]
[Ord. #1967-5, § 10]
No licensee shall permit any person who is not a senior citizen to occupy a mobile home at a park licensed under this section and specifically no mobile home shall be occupied overnight by any person who is not a senior citizen.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 11]
No mobile home park shall be located in any area except that so authorized to be occupied by the Zoning Ordinance.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 12]
No licensee shall enlarge the mobile home park facilities or otherwise change the physical facilities in the mobile home park without first securing the approval thereof of the Township Committee and, where applicable, from the Local and State Board of Health.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 13]
It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to keep roadways and other entrance ways in repair and free of snow and other obstruction so as to permit the ready access at all times of emergency vehicles.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 14]
The location of the mobile home park shall be such as to be suited for quiet residential occupancy.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 15]
If the limitation of such mobile home park to senior citizens is declared invalid or unconstitutional by any Court, the license for the mobile home park shall forthwith expire, and the mobile home park shall be promptly discontinued; said provision being hereby declared to be an integral part of every other provision of this section.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 16]
The said mobile home park shall be subject to inspection by the Township Committee or its representatives at all times.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 17]
The licensee shall maintain a register of all occupants of the mobile home park, giving their name, address and date of birth and the space occupied by them as well as their date of arrival and departure, and such register shall be open to inspection by the Township Committee or its agent at all times.
[Ord. #1967-5, § 18; Ord. No. 1998-9]
Any person violating any provision of this section shall upon conviction thereof, be subject to a penalty as stated in Chapter 1, Section 1-5.
[Ord. 18, § 1]
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to park any trailer on any street in the Township of Tabernacle or on any premises other than at a duly licensed trailer park within the limits of the Township, except for the purpose of repair, storage, purchase of supplies or visiting. A trailer shall not be used at any time by any per-son as a dwelling or sleeping place unless such trailer is, while used as a dwelling or sleeping place, located at a licensed trailer park.
[Ord. #18, § 2]
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to operate a trailer park or trailer camp without first obtaining a license therefor from the Township Committee. Such license shall be applied for by written application, filed with the Township Clerk, and the license shall be issued by the Township Clerk after such issuance is authorized by the Township Committee. Such application shall give such information as the Township Committee may deem requisite to determine whether the proposed trailer park complies with this section. Prior to the issuance of any such license the applicant shall file with the Board of Health of this Township detailed plans and specifications of the proposed trailer park location, the area thereof and whether or not there are sanitary facilities for the furnishing of water and for sewerage disposal. Such plans and specifications as to water, sewage disposal and all sanitary conditions must be approved by, and a permit obtained from, the Board of Health prior to the issuance of any such license by the Township Committee.
[Ord. #18, § 3]
The Township Committee shall not authorize the licensing of a trailer park for more than one trailer park per applicant nor for more than one trailer in any space less than 50 feet by 100 feet.
[Ord. #18, § 4; Ord. #18A, § 1]
There shall be charged and collected for each such license an annual fee of $100 for each trailer space. Said license fee shall be payable in advance for each year; provided, however, that the annual license fee shall be proportionately prorated for the portion of the year remaining when the license is issued. No such license shall be transferable without the permission of the Township Committee. All such licenses issued shall expire at midnight on December 31 of the year in which they are issued.
[Ord. #18, § 5]
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation owning, operating or using any such park or to remove or cause to be removed the wheels or similar transporting devices from any tourist trailer or camp car, or to otherwise permanently affix it to the ground in a manner that would prevent the ready removal of such tourist, trailer or camp car, without having first obtained a permit from the Township Clerk. Any such alteration to any tourist, trailer or camp car as above set forth shall be construed as subjecting the same to the requirements of any Building Code of the Township and the laws of the State of New Jersey pertaining to a dwelling house.
[Ord. #18, § 6]
Any trailer permanently affixed to the ground so as to prevent its ready removal shall not thereafter be subject to the provisions of this section and shall be deemed to be real estate and assessed as such provided the Township Committee shall first have approved the foundation or other method of attaching the trailer to the realty.
[Ord. #18, § 7]
It shall be the duty of every person, firm or corporation, owning, leasing or using a trailer as herein defined, to comply with all the provisions of this section and any rules and regulations now or hereafter formulated by the Board of Health of the Township governing such trailers.
[Ord. #18, § 8]
Any license granted hereunder shall be subject to revocation or suspension by the Township Committee after five-days' notice to the licensee of the proposed action and the reasons therefor and an opportunity to be heard thereon.
[Ord. #18, § 9, 10; Ord. #1961-1, § 1]
As used in this section:
Shall mean any device originally manufactured for the purpose of being moved over roads or streets either in tow by a vehicle or an animal or animals, or under its own power, and which was either originally manufactured for or has been converted to use for human habitation, whether the same shall be on wheels or otherwise. The word "trailer" is synonymous with the term "mobile home" or any other similar descriptive term.
Shall mean any site or tract of land occupied or used by one or more trailers or available for such occupancy or use, with or without charge, and shall include any building, structure, tent, camp, cottage or enclosure used or intended for use as part of or in connection with such trailer park.
[Ord. #18, § S 11, 12; Ord. No. 1998-9]
Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate or fail to comply with any of the provisions of this section shall, upon conviction, be subject to the penalty as stated in Chapter 1, Section 1-5.
[Ord. #18B, § 1]
No more trailer licenses shall be issued and outstanding at any one time than the Township Committee shall by resolution find and determine to be necessary and sufficient to serve the public necessity and convenience.